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Wedding dresses- cant decide!

About two weeks ago i went to try on dresses and the bridal store had these discounts if i bought my dress on my first appointment.I had tried on dresses before so i knew i wanted a ball gown

heres my dilemma. It came down to two dresses that i was decided between. Both i absoulutely loved on. The downside to one of them was a lot of layers of tulle so it felt heavy and felt like it would be hard to move around in. I ended up going with the more A-line dress, partly because i was pushed a little by my MIL who loved it on me

Now i am thinking i made a big mistake. The ballgown tulle with lace overlay was the one i truly loved. I kept staring at it in the dressing room while i tried on other dresses that didnt compare. The only downfall was that it seemed like a lot of fabric. But iI cant stop thinking about it!

Here's where i need some advice!.. two questions.. when you try on sample sizes does that automatically mean theres going to be a lot more fabric then when you actually order your size in the dress. And...any brides out there go with a dress that was fairly big but they were still able to move around?..if you take some layers of tulle off will it change the dress drastically??
Any help would be grately appreciated :)

Please see pics of the two dresses below

Re: Wedding dresses- cant decide!

  • They're both very pretty. The first one, I like better, but it's just more my style.

    I'm not sure in regards to lessening the fabric. I would talk the the seamstress. Maybe call the store and ask the questions.

    Good luck!
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  • I had a big ol' dress, and I LOVED it.  I'm petite so my dress wasn't an actual ballgown, but a very full A-line dress that looked like a ballgown on me.  I added a blue dyed crinoline to make it even BIGGER, because I have always, always wanted a big wedding dress.

    I danced ALL night at my wedding, I had no problem.  It made going to the bathroom more difficult, but I had bridesmaids help me with that.  I did add straps because the dress was heavy, and I was too nervous to go strapless with that big ol' dress.

    I say go with whatever you love, both dresses look nice imo.  But the 2nd one looks more romantic/dramatic.
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  • Thanks ladies!
    I really appreciate your advice!
    Honestly i have not stopped thinking about the big ball gown w/ lace over lay since i tried it on that very day, it's so me and i felt like a princess in it
    I think that means i'ts the one, it may be a little hard to get around in but i think i can make it work!
  • I prefer the second one because it's lace...and lace is so soft and romantic to me. But they are both pretty! You can't go wrong with either one. 
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