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Oh Buddy! I am on a roll! :)

So I have completely decided where I am going with this wedding (since FI has given me free reign lol).

Our colors are FOR SURE 190% going to be a turquoise-ish blue and white. Outdoor ceremony and reception via my wonderful and amazing parent's land. My mother is now being more supportive. I have no idea what has sparked the change in her, but I'm loving it! I've somewhat got the reception setup figured out as well as centerpieces, bouquets and flowers for the ceremony, ceremony setup and of course the dress. I've been looking at more of a vintage style and I've completely fell in love with the lace and buttons and just everything. We are going with an evening ceremony and reception because we want candles and lanterns. Loads of them.  I'm more excited now than I was when we first got engaged! :)

Oh, and sorry that this post is scattered and threw together like a manic wrote it :)  
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Re: Oh Buddy! I am on a roll! :)

  • Girl we are two peas in a pod!! I'm so happy your mother is being more supportive. Why wasn't she at first? Everything u said sounds gorgeous! I am a fan of the buttons and lace too.
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  • Turquoise blue, candles, and lanterns outdoors... it sounds dreamy! I love it.
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  • That sounds gorgeous! I love looking at pictures of weddings with tons of lanterns! If you are doing a tent you should totally try to do the sparkly top. (like this pic below I'm posting)

    it's freaking adorable! 
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    [QUOTE]Girl we are two peas in a pod!! I'm so happy your mother is being more supportive. <strong>Why wasn't she at first?</strong> Everything u said sounds gorgeous! I am a fan of the buttons and lace too.
    Posted by pedulaney[/QUOTE]

    She was completely against having it outdoors and sorta negative about the whole thing. My older sister got married October of last year and I guess she was just still sad about her moving out so she wan't exactly thrilled when I got engaged. She cried for about 3 days and then refused to talk about it.
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  • I'm glad to hear she is coming around now. It's not you leaving her... I mean you will still be her daughter, just a married daughter!
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    I love the way that sounds!  And really glad your mom is on board, my mom is sort of out of the picture so that's something special you get to share with her :-)
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