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Rhode Island

Hotel Room Blocks - How Far in Advance?


We have a June 2013 wedding in Portsmouth and are looking to get the room block out of the way.  The hotels we called said they would not entertain booking our block until June of 2012.

I am concerned that it will be too late...  many places are already booked solid through all of next summer and fall.

How far in advance did you make your block?  Any tips to get the hotels to allow us earlier?


Re: Hotel Room Blocks - How Far in Advance?

  • I don't think that will be a problem. For our September 2012 wedding we booked our blocks in September and October of this year. We sent out our save the dates in November. We are a September wedding but our reception is in Middletown and is the same weekend as the Newport Boat Show = BUSY! :) I am a little surprised that places are booked already! wow! If some places won't allow you to book that far in advance then I guess there isn't really anything you can do - just try to seek out the ones that will let you do it. I would give you the names of the hotels I used but each of the 4 of them have given me some sort of problem so I won't do that to you! haha. I would try to get some sort of start though - bottom line. Hope this helps!
  • oh boy!  sounds like you have your hands full with your hotels.  thanks for the advice!  we may just call every month until they give in :-).
  • yeah that would probably be a good idea. in that area and time of year, they are bound to cave in eventually. good luck!
  • I would think a year in advance is fine. Most people won't make the blocks before then. Just be sure to ask teh day that the "blocks" open up for you to reserve them- so that you are the first to call and get it.
    don't stress. It hought it would be a pain to do this- but a lot of hotels have room for multiple blocks.

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  • Where are you looking to make your room blocks? That will likely have some affect on when they'll accept them.
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  • I'm also getting married in 2013 and I understand your frustration because I too want to get the room blocks started and out of the way!

    But, having worked in hotels, (Courtyard and Newport Marriott) I can assure you that rooms do not open to the public until 12 months in advance. So there will be plenty of availability when you can in June 2012 for your room block!

    I hope this helps and happy planning! :)

  • thanks for all of the advice!  we are looking at hotels in middletown and portsmouth.  i'll probably still be a pain and call every month starting in january :).  but, at least i know i'll be in good shape even if i have to wait until june 2012.
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