looking for a nice but affordable venue in maryland!

I just got engaged and I want to find a nice place to have my reception without breaking the bank...any ideas? And how much does an average wedding cost these days?

Re: looking for a nice but affordable venue in maryland!

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    I would look into the PG County Parks Facilities, very affordable and elegant. I think Billingsley House is the cheapest.
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    Ours will be about $12k, but there were some venues we looked at where we could have our own caterer that was far less expensive.  Howard County Conservancy has about a $2k rental, which is fair, but the caterer we could have used only wanted about $3k to feed 150 people (this caterer is KS catering).  That is tough to beat... It was very beautiful but JUST barely too small for us.  We have about 160 on our guest list and it would be comfortable for about 130 in there.  We didn't want to take the chance even though people say 20% tend to reply no.

    Try local parks, I found a pavillion on the water with bathrooms and tiki bar that was VERY cheap, Holleyneck gardens in Essex.  We were looking for barns so there is one down in Southern MD at a state park for less than $1k rental, could use the same caterer, Jefferson patternson Park.

    We are having our reception at a historic mill in Westminster, Union Mills Homestead, so perhaps look at historic sites too.  Our rental is only $700 but it's the food that makes it cost so much because they have only one caterer.  If you had closer to 100 guests and no church ceremony like we do (it has a pretty ceremony garden), I think you could get it in under $8000.

    We would need to know what your style is, your budget, and how many guests.  The fewer guests, the better off you are.  Our dream venue was eliminated due to guest count because their cost went per person. 
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    What does "nice" mean to you? Liriodendron Mansion in Harford County is gorgeous and has decent site fees. but is a mansion with gardens your style? Or are you interested in something more unusual, like Coradetti Glass Studio? Do you want to be in the heart of the city, or would you prefer something with close, free parking? Outdoors? Indoors? There are tons of things that can help you narrow down your vision. Once you know how you want your day to feel and look, we may be able to give you some helpful suggestions.

    FWIT, "average" is in the mid $20s for a 150 person wedding. That means absolutely nothing. Some people spend $15 a head for yummy bbq buffet food, and some people spend $100+ a head on multi-course plated dinners. It really depends on what you want and how much you are willing to spend to get what you want.
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    Ours was around 13K for around 105 people... 

    The most expensive part about a wedding is the venue/food/alcohol! FOR SURE! 

    Do research EVERYWHERE... make notes in ONE notebook.. 

    Don't be scared to ask for a deal, mention that you can't afford it with that amount, see if they're willing to work with you. 

    good luck!
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    Affordable venues we have worked with:
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    Diamond Center - Randallstown

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