Bridal Boutique in Westerville???

 I had a really bad experience at David's Bridal years ago when I was engaged before. Like rude, unprofessional sales lady, leaving the building crying and buying my dress online BAAAAD. So I absolutely refuse to go there. But I am looking for nice places around town to go. My MOH got her dress at Wendy's so I think I will try there, she also suggested Wedding Plantation..but that is kinda far. I keep hearing that there is a bridal shop in Westerville. Does anyone what it is called? Any other suggestions?
 And I should definitely make an appointment no matter where I decide to go right?? Especially since it will be on the weekend.
 I will be buying my own dress so my budget is small so even though friends keep saying I should, I want to avoid places like Big Rock, Little Rooster. That's just not me and I can't afford to buy my dress there so why waste everyone's time.
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Re: Bridal Boutique in Westerville???

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    Trumpington?  I tried dresses on there.  The women were super sweet!  I thought I was going to get my dress there until I tried on "the one" at Alan Ray in Dublin.  Yes, it's best to make an appt. espeically on weekends.  Some stores require an appt. for bridal gowns regardless of the day.
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    There's Trumpington and another one who's name I can't remember. I got my dress and my bridesmaids there and adored the ladies there. Every time I visit or talk to them they treat me like I'm their favorite person in the world. I thought the shop would be expensive but I was surprised by the range of dresses. Most of them I have never seen at another store in Columbus (and believe me, I saw a lot of dresses).
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    I've heard good things from several people about Elegant Bride in Dublin, and I heard they're not outrageous either! But I've had a good experience at Wendy's, even though I've only really looked at BM dresses. Good luck!
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    Westerville - Trumpington and Gabriele European Bridal and Formal - I looooved them both.
    I found my dress at the fantastic and beautiful Elegant Bride in Dublin.
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    I found my dress at Elegant Bride, my FI's SIL found her dress at Wendy's.  I had an awful experience at DB and Alfred Angelo, found they were really pushy to make the sale. I've heard good things about Big Rock Little Rooster too, but this is not from a first hand experience that I have had.
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    La Jeune Mariee and Bella Laccio Bridal are both in Westerville and those might be one of the bridal salons you have heard about. I tried dresses on at La Jeune Mariee and they were fantastic. Unfortunately, their prices are high if you are on a budget! 

    Near Wendy's off Sawmill, Alfred Angelo just opened up a bridal salon and it seems to have a large selection. It is right on the corner of Sawmill and West Dublin Granville Road. I would try looking there when you decide to go to Wendy's! 

    Not sure what your budget is but there is also a salon downtown Columbus called Girls in White Dresses and they go up to no higher than around $2,000 but definitely have dresses for a lower budget, are super friendly, and also have really great sample sale dresses! Definitely worth a try! 

    I am unsure as to David's Bridal's requirements but Alfred Angelo's, Wendy's, and Girls in White Dresses all require appointments! Smile
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    Trumpington Bridal House is in Westerville and is where I got my dress for $221. I was so happy with their service and the girls there are so nice. They went to HS with my brother and are so sweet. They have a lot of dresses under $1000 and $500 for that matter. 
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    David's Bridal is THE DEVIL- first they sold me a stained dress and said they'd clean it, and they made it worse so we almost left and walked out.  Then, 2 of my 3 girls got their dresses in and they were ripped.  So now, we're waiting for their dresses to all come in, and I ended up not keeping my dress.

    Anyway, I went to Wendy's on Sawmill- they were WONDERFUL.  The consultant was an absolute doll.  I tried on several and none were quite what I wanted.  The consultant told me to hang on a minute and pulled a dress I'd blown by.  She pointed out some things in that dress that I'd mentioned liking when we started looking, but I had thought this dress wasn't my style.  Well, trust me, those consultants know their stuff!  The dress was perfect, and I'm a major skeptic and non-romantic, but (and this is cheesy) I knew when I put it on and looked in the mirror it was 'the one.'  Plus, it was a sample sale dress and we got it for $300, originally over $900, and in perfect condition.

    So, end of story, Wendy's Bridal is awesome.  Not in Westerville, but sooooo worth a shot.  They're amazing, wonderful and very knowledgeable.  HTH!!
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    La Jeune Mariee is actually in downtown Worthington, not Westerville, but it's not far. I got my dress there, and it was a fantastic experience!! They have an impressive selection of stunning gowns in a variety of styles and prices. When I tried on the dress that was "the one" they let me stand there and marvel at it while I kept saying "Oh my gosh, this is the one. This is it. Wow. Oh my gosh..." for about 15 minutes before I was (reluctantly) ready to take it off. We also got the bridesmaids' dresses from there; they have a fantastic selection of those, too, and since I got my dress there my maids got 15% off their orders!

    I tried on dresses at Wendy's too, and I enjoyed it. They have a wide selection of dresses, and a lot of them are under $1000 without looking like "cheap" dresses. 

    I liked the overall ambience of La Jeune Mariee better than Wendy's; LJM felt like a lush, intimate boutique, while Wendy's felt more like a department store. In the end, though, it's about the dress and the service, and both places are definitely worth checking out.
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