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Honeymoon worries! Help!

We are planning our honeymoon and have a budget of roughly $6,000 (although this is flexible). We were originally going to go to Italy however after much thought we decided to save that for when we would not be so worn down from a wedding. Travel dates middle of September. We want to stay anywhere between 7 to 10 days. Yes we know its hurricane season. We are not sold on any location yet but we are wanting to head towards making a final decision. We want to go somewhere nice and are willing to pay for it.

I also am hoping to see more than just the resort when we go.

Where is the best place in Caribbean for both price and for things to do? We want a wonderful honeymoon and a great experience! It does not have to be all inclusive, either way is fine with us.

On a side note,.....

I am a plus size Bride and am really nervous about traveling to a beach. I am not sure if my weight is going to make me feel out of place and I know I totally need to get over it. I have never been to the Caribbean, I dont know what to expect? Are they all filled with perfect people with perfect bodies? I am so nervous. I dont want to be limited on any excursions or have people staring at us. I dont know how to get over this feeling.....

Any suggestions and comments and advice would be greatly appreciated

Re: Honeymoon worries! Help!

  • hawaii is fairly mild all year round... we looked into it for around $5000... all inclusive resorts in cancun are pretty good too. caribbean im not so sure about though...

    Just remember that your hubby is going to be by your side, loving the way you look, and thinking how happy he is to be your husband. He's the only one who matters!!! Who cares if there are other people on the beach! 
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  • I've been to Curacao twice now, and really enjoyed it both times.  There is a really nice all inclusive resort there, which is not too far from town, where you can experience more of the island.

    As far as people go on the beaches, you have nothing to worry about.  The people who tend to do the skimpy suits are generally the ones who shouldn't...I rememember seeing an old lady at the resort who was sunbathing topless.  Her skin was a dark tan (white naturally) and looked like leather.  To top it off, her hair was dyed orange. Don't worry about what other people might think.  Enjoy your honeymoon! :)
  • The total price for our trip to Mexico (the Playa del Carmen area) is about $4000 including air fare. Just for my own peace of mind, I chose an all-inclusive. There are a lot of different deals out there right now for Mexico and also for the Caribbean. You wouldn't happen to have any travel deals through work you could check out, would you? I have a friend who also took her honeymoon to Jamaica and had a ton of fun on a budget. 
    As a plus sized bride as well, my advise on the beach anxiety would be to make sure that you get a swimsuit or two that you feel great wearing. It's a confidence booster and your man (and maybe even the people around you) will notice. Just remember: you're there to relax and have a wonderful time with your new husband, so please do it! 

  • If your not attached to a beach honeymoon, a wine tour through Napa is perfect for September. If you do go to Caribbean you will see models to grannies and everything in between, no need to be self conscious :
  • I second Hawaii
  • We are headed to St. Lucia for an all inclusive including flights (from PHL), at $6,000...we know it is hurrican season, but get some travel insurance and take the risk :)  St. Lucia is pretty far south so "most" hurricane miss it.

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  • Yes!! Or Cancun, I think its an hour away from Playa del Carmen. Go on one of the historic tours. Really interesting stuff. Tourists of all shapes and sizes and from all over the world.
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  • Although it wasn't our honeymoon we went to Aruba and it was beautiful. Flight wasnt too expensive and most resorts are all inclusive. We stayed at the Marriott and it was great. Also, Aruba is very safe and have buses that will take you to town which is a must for the true feeling of Aruba. We also did one of the tours that are offered and I highly recommend them. Don't worry about your weigh. You are who you are, be proud!
  • i am planing a cruse to Alaska - i will need to wait until May since October starts the season - but you could make it for September :) i am also thinking i want a minimoon to WDW after the wedding i dont wont to have to wait 6 months!

    One of our other idea was to Fly to Settle then take a road trip down the west coast :)
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  • I'm getting married in late September.  We are going to Chicago for our honeymoon.

  • FH and I are traveling to P*nta Cana, Dominican Republic in February 2013! We just booked it and actually came in about $5400 for an all inclusive partial adults only resort. We are flying first class and booked the most expensive room this resort offers for 7 nights! With a budget of $6K you shouldn't have a problem finding something in the Caribbean that you and your FH will love! Don't bother with weight anxiety, everyone will be on vacation and just looking to have a great time. The only excusions/acvtivities with weight restrictions would be the zip lining and parasailing as I researched to find out for myself.
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  • If you want to try and avoid a hurricaine and still do the carribean, stick with the southern Caribbean islands (Aruba and Curaçao). They are basically hurricaine free all year round and beautiful. We were in Cabo, Mexico in February and found it to be a really fun and high end place. A classier Cancun. I spent $3K for two on airfare (from east coast) and swanky hotel for a suite that was gorgeous. The food/alcohol was cheap and we stayed within walking distance of lots of restaurants so we didn't have to bother with getting an all inclusive package. Hawaii is also amazing. There are a lot of plus sized Americans traveling in the Caribbean. You will not be alone!!
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