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Non- traditional, no budget but still NO success

Hey everyone! I need HELP!! 
I know I'm being extremely picky but I just can not find a reception venue I'm in love with!!

We were originally supposed to have a destination wedding but my future mother-in-law completely X'ed that out so now I am stuck having a huge, over the top wedding here in Long Island-- no budget. I know some would be ecstatic about that but I'm not LOL I'm so easy going and stress free- and picky. 

Needless to say, I have looked at OHEKA- it was okk, nothing crazy to be honest, the Hempstead house at Sands Point Preserve- beautiful but worried that I need to hire a wedding planner because it is just a plain event space and everything needs to be brought in and would just be TOO stressful, Raphael's- a vineyard out on the North Fork- beautiful!! But all the hotels around there are ehh and all my guests would probably need to stay over.
I hate traditional, country club, ballroom weddings (no offense to ANY bride!! :-) ) 

Does anyone have ANY suggestions??? Guest list is at 200 now for Sept. 7, 2013!! Someone PLEASE help because I need to book something ASAP. Thank you!! XOXO

Re: Non- traditional, no budget but still NO success

  • Montauk Yacht club?
  • nassau county art museum holds receptions.
    you may have to hire a planner there too but if your budget is unlimited then that shouldn't be an issue-and they're there to take teh streess off.
    have you considered charting a yacht or renting a boat?
    and what are you really looking for? you didn't really gie any info above on what you want-just what you dont and what's happened with the dest wedding and other venues. oheka is just a ballroom space too and i agree-it's not worth it.
    have you checked into coindre hall? or vanderbilt mansion in centerport?


  • check out Lessings, they have a bunch of non-traditional, mansion type venues
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  • I'm doing mine at Hempstead House.  It is such an amazing space!!  If you use Philip Stone Caterers, I believe they will take care of a lot of the things for you- rentals, lighting, you name it.  Even if you end up needing to hire a wedding planner, I think the Hempstead House is totally worth it!!  My wedding is in 3 weeks- I'll let you know how it goes!!

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  • Yess please let me know how it goes!!! I'm being so picky n I know this lmaoo I'm just trying to figure out what I like. I kind of want to keep with the whole destination type theme with the ocean and such but if it rains I'll be one mad bride lol so that's y I'm considering a mansion type wedding. I loved this one yacht absolutely breathtaking but my fianc doesn't want to take a chance of anyone getting sick which they won't because it's in the Hudson river not the Atlantic so instead of arguing I just said ok lol Montauk is too much of a hike for me peconic was the furthest I think we wanted to go out??! I just want it to be a fun, beautiful wedding and different. Was thinking of having people stay over at the venue so that's y I liked oheka but I was rethinking and I could always just rent rooms for everyone near any venue I decide??!
  • people can get just as sick on the hudson as on the atlantic :) just ask my DH.

    i think you might need to narrow down your wish list a bit with specifics. 'fun beautiful and different' are pretty broad and tough to pin down.


  • If your budget is unlimited you should check out the Allegria hotel in Long Beach the decor is completely different from anything I have seen on Long Island, and when I was there for an event two years ago, the food and service were really good.
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  • North Ritz Club if you're going the traditional route. I couldn't afford it but it's magnificent.
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