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A Year in Review

I know we have a few weeks to go until the New Year, but I am ready to reminisce now.  


My life has changed considerably in the last year, mostly for the better.  A year ago, I was in a job which didn't suit me and made me miserable on a daily basis.  I was semi-patiently waiting for an engagement ring from my SO.  My social life was dwindling because of financial constraints, and it was generally difficult to keep a positive attitude about my future (mostly with career outlook).  


Also about a year ago, I discovered this board and was very interested in the closeness and community that had been created here.  I joined the board, and after a few weeks of trying to see how I'd fit in, I backed away.  After some months, I remembered what initially drew me in and I tried to put myself out there again.  


Now, I have 2 part time jobs in the field I want to work in.  It can be stressful at times, I don't have benefits, and I could always make a bit more money, but I finally feel like I am on the right path.  I started a book club with some of my favorite IRL ladies and feel more connected in my friendships because we are all making the effort to see each other.  I am engaged to my SO.  Lastly, I am beginning to feel like I could find some real friendships here.


This just might be the greatest year of change for me since I was in my teens or early 20's.  It has been a complete turn around.  For the next year, I am looking forward to being able to focus on some health issues that I have never given proper consideration to, completing my commitment with the PTO, and getting to some active wedding planning.


If you made it through my novel, please share your year in review.  What has changed?  What do you wish had changed?  What are you happy has stayed the same?  What are you looking forward to?  



Re: A Year in Review

  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    I haven't had a ton of changes this year. I started Graduate school which has been a stressful but rewarding experience thus far. I've met some really wonderful friends in my program.

    I was hoping BF and I would get engaged this year but I'm thinking that isn't going to happen unless he pops the question on New Years Eve (he still wants to get married this summer so I'm still expecting it to be soon). But we did make the really big decision not to wait until marriage to have sex. I think it's been really good for our relationship and I love being able to be close to him that way.

    Job wise I was devastated not to get the TA position in the spring but now I'm starting to prepare to teach in January and I'm beyond thrilled.

  • I love reminicing at the end of the year!  

    My year was definitely an eventful one.  I finished my last semester of senior year, completed my honors thesis and graduated!  Looking back, that whole month is sort of a blur, but it was definitely one of my proudest achievements so far.  Leaving the stability and close friendships from college was hard, but I was ready to move on.  BF graduating was also a big deal!  Especially when he commissioned as a lieutenant.  He just looks so damnnnn sexy in a uniform.  

    I spent the summer in Portugal and traveling Europe.  Being back in Portugal was great.  It really gave me a chance to look back on the person I was when I lived there (Junior year of high school) and appreciate the person I am now.  I look back on myself as a somewhat promiscuous, adventurous 16 year old and am grateful for all the experiences she provided me, but man, am I glad I've grown up.  Seeing Italy, Paris, and Spain was amazing.  I don't think I need to elaborate.  I love traveling.

    Then I moved to Texas to be with BF.  The last three months have been the hardest of my entire life.  However, I am so proud of what I've accomplished.  I have a job doing something I'm passionate about and am financially independent for the first time in my life.  It's awesome. And being close to BF makes everything that much more amazing.  It's really made us take our relationship more seriously, since we both have a lot more invested in it now.  I'm really happy with the way things are.  I can't wait for 2013!

    Summery: 2012 was fan-freaking-tastic
  • First off, congratulations on all the great changes you have had this year!

    This year I haven't had a lot of changes but one big thing has changed. In January of this year, I started my weight loss journey and suceeded in losing 107.5 lbs since then. I have 2.5 lbs until I reach my goal but have been struggling towards the end. I think seeing the low number freaked me out or something because I have been making stupid mistakes the past couple of days and I feel like crap. Hopefully I can get back on track tomorrow. I've come this far, I can't go backwards now...
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  • Puzzle - what a huge accomplishment! I am so incredibly proud of you for sticking with it and achieving (almost there!!! I know you can do it!!!) your goals. I've watched my mom lose an incredible amount of weight over the last couple years and I know how difficult it can be to stay positive, motivated and change your self image. You ROCK girl!

    For me, i've had a couple big changes this year. I received a promotion in January. I started in my industry over 6 years ago and had been working to make it to this level the entire time. I'm so thankful i've had so much opportunity and so many great mentors along the way!

    FI proposed in May (and graduated in May too!) and I finally feel like we're ready to take on this next phase of our relationship. We're both in a really good place and I can't believe our wedding is only 6 months away. Planning has gone much more smoothly than I could have ever hoped. I feel blessed to have wonderful, loving and supportive family on both sides and I can't wait to become his Mrs. this coming June!

    I've also owned my own home for 5 years now. It still feels like I just bought the's hard to believe it's been so long already. I'm extremely proud to be a homeowner and to have ZERO debt aside from my mortgage and car payment. I'v worked really hard this year to save money for the wedding so that we don't have to start our marriage in debt and it's already paying off. With everyone that is struggling to find work out there (including FI), I am really thankful to own my own home.
  • It's been a interesting year for sure a good one though.  There were lots of engagement and wedding, the weddings were all fun.  BF & I went from living apart to living together, to buying a house together and closing on it next year. So we are making huge leaps with our relationship and the future.  So that is very exciting. We also celebrated three years.

    I did loose my grandma this year, which is tough.  I've had some thoughts about my job and career path that make me question at times my current position and job. I feel like since w've hit three years I've been a bit more anxious and impatient about being NEY.

    I've done a few shows, made some new friends.  I got to travel to Bahamas, Vegas, DC, and spend great times with friends and family.  So it was a pretty good year, hopefully somehow 2013 gets even better.


  • RWS2011RWS2011 member
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    Beth and Alley, congrats on your academic successes!  Beth, I am glad your choice has led you to a more comfortable place with where you are in your relationship.


    Puzzle, thanks.  Also, that is amazing!  I will be embarking on a similar journey, but I realized have to address some root causes of this issue or I will be forever yo-yoing.


    Allusive, we got engaged in the same month.  Only, I have another year to go until the wedding day.  I am excited for you that you are in such a great place with your FI, and way to go on the homeownership and being in control of you finances!


    Danser, that is exactly how I felt at the 3 year mark.  SO and I had a few conversations that helped to clarify where we both stood.  It was still about 9 months later before the proposal.  I hope you can find peace soon about your grandmother and clarity around your career.  What is is exactly that you are questioning?  


  • Sometimes I just question if this is what I want to be doing. I like being in finance but is there some other aspect within the industry perhaps better suited for me. Ah well we'll see. I just feel lucky to have a job and that it's allows BF & I to be in a good financial position without worries and to be able to buy a new home.


  • Hummingbird125Hummingbird125 New York member
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    Puzzle - that is so awesome - congrats!

    2012 was a pretty good year for me. The was the first full year I have lived with BF. 2011 was awesome (because I met BF at the very beginning of the year), but also tumultuous (fighting with my roommate, moving out of the city), so it was nice to spend 2012 a lot more securely. 

    We went on our first vacation together - a cruise to the Bahamas which was hands down the best vacation I've ever been on. 

    In the spring I started taking horseback riding lessons again. I've ridden since I was about 8, and was really competitive in college, but I haven't really ridden at all since I moved to NYC the summer after I graduated college. It felt so good to get back into it, and I'm happy I found such and awesome barn and trainer to work with.

    There was a re-organization in the part of the company I used to work in, which resulted in me reporting to a woman I DESPISED. I searched for months for a new job, and finally found one in April, within the same company. Although I'm still struggling a little with the skills needed in this position, I am SO much happier. Best of all - I get to work from home! I was worried that working from home with BF every day would be a little too much together time, but it's been great. Although I miss my old coworkers, I'm happy to be able to chat with you awesome woman everyday on NEY - it definitely helps me get through the workday!

    We went on a bunch of mini-trips throughout the summer - Boston, Philly, Bethany Beach, and Cambridge and Amherst (to see friends). We also moved to a new apartment right up the street that it 10 times better than our old place, and we got a PUPPY!

    I've been crazy happy with BF since we met almost two years ago, but just within the last few months I've suddenly realized - "Wow - I really can picture spending the rest of my life with him." And he's told me the same as well. For a girl who - only a little over 2 years ago - was convinced she would never fall in love and was genuinely worried she'd be alone for the rest of her life - this realization is pretty freakin awesome.

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  • msuprincess04msuprincess04 member
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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:136Discussion:7a38ea81-1545-40a9-b983-1240b0796a4dPost:c5046186-535c-4b7b-93c0-fdef2030272e">A Year in Review</a>:
    [QUOTE]Also about a year ago, I discovered this board and was very interested in the closeness and community that had been created here.  I joined the board, and after a few weeks of trying to see how I'd fit in, I backed away.  After some months, I remembered what initially drew me in and I tried to put myself out there again. ... What has changed?  What do you wish had changed?  What are you happy has stayed the same?  What are you looking forward to?  
    Posted by RWS2011[/QUOTE]

    I have the same feeling about this board, so I hope it works out for us both. :) Also, congrats on all the big changes. I had a very similar year.

    In February, I bought my first car (that I paid for myself.)
    In March, I bought my first home.
    In May, I moved into said home with bf.
    In June, I turned 30.
    In August, I got engaged.
    In October, I finished my first half Ironman distance triathlon.
    In November, my best friend told me she no longer wished to be friends.
    In December, I was approved to work from home.

    Next year, there's nothing big planned. Mardi Gras in February, the Nike Women's Half marathon in April, and a beach trip to our wedding venue (and to go scuba diving) in July. But, the wedding isn't till 2014, so not a whole lot there. It should be a quiet year comparatively. So, I need to find something to entertain me. Maybe pick another race to focus on.
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  • It has been a hell of a year and I'm really looking forward to 2013 and a new beginning.  Over the course of the past year, I've fought through failed experiments and intermittent successes in grad school, passed my qualifying exam, was diagnosed with endometriosis and had surgery to remove it.  After surgery, I dealt with a pretty crippling depression, sought counseling and worked my way through it.  DH and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary in November.  Next year at this time, I hope to be getting ready to graduate.
  • Puzzle - that is so awesome! You're very inspiring.

    Alley - I would love to go to Europe someday. Going to Paris is definitely on my bucket list of things to do.

    This year has been pretty eventful. I graduated from college with my Bachelor's in political and social science. I moved back to the Seattle area after living in Eastern, WA for almost a year. I also asked BF if he wanted to move in together and he said yes, so we have been looking for places to live. I realize now how lucky I am to have him. I had some BSC moments earlier this year, and I know that when the time is right to be engaged then we will be. For now, I couldn't ask for a better person in my life.

    Now I need to figure out if I want to stay with my current workplace or move on, which is a difficult decision. I love my co-workers and where I work but, professionally it's not where I see myself long term. It will be hard to move on but, I started as a temp here back in April and am now full time.

    I feel like there's a lot more that has happened but, mostly I'm just relieved to be done with school. It took me almost 8 years to get my degree (I just turned 26 in November) so it's been a long journey. Plus, I'm happy I started posting on here. I really enjoy chatting with all of you and getting to know you better.
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  • peekaboo2011peekaboo2011 Washington, DC member
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    This year has definitely been interesting.

    I took a shark internship, fell further in love with the field, and then quickly realized I didn't want to play games.  I took a new job and realized I was completely wrong in that field.  I started temping.  I walked in to my last temp job, was handed a meeting to plan, and rocked the hell out of it.  And now I'm working for them.

    I also learned to run outside this year - I did two 5ks, and am hoping to do a half marathon next year!

    As far as BF and I go, we've had a really good first year.  We learned how to fight with each other so that it's over quickly, and we come to a resolution.  We got to spend a few weekends curled up on beaches in FL.  But most importantly, we have really just gotten closer.  I can't really explain it, but last night we were sitting on the couch - I went over after work and we grabbed dinner, and afterwards I was just kind of perched on the edge of his lap.  And it was an incredibly soothing feeling to have him holding on to me like that.  I didn't need to be anywhere else.

    So, not a terribly eventful year relationship wise, definitely eventful career wise.  Here's to 2013.  I hope it brings even more happiness.
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  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    Is it bad that I really struggled with remembering WTF I did with my life this past year?

    I traveled a bit. I started the year off in Grand Cayman with my girlfriends. I went to Puerto Rico for my cousins' 18th and 21st birthdays. I went to FL for a week with FI. 

    I realized that one of my best friends has become a totally different person and I'm not sure I still want her to be apart of my life. 

    I was SO beyond proud of my mom for graduating from nursing school and getting a job immediately after. 

    I found out that I had pre-cancerous cells in my cervix and had to have a colposcopy and then a cryosurgery as well because the cells had progressed. 6 months later I was able to report that the pre-cancerous cells AND the HPV were gone!

    I continued to become great friends with so many of the ladies here. We had an amazing g2g/girl's weekend and it was one of the most fun weekends of my life. 

    Oh and I planned a wedding off and on, here and there :)

    Next year, I'm getting married and going on the trip of my dreams. FI and I will start saving for a house and might even be able to buy something in 2013. I hope to meet even more Knotties IRL :)

  • At the beginning of 2012, I had only been living in MS for a few months and didn't have a job yet. 

    Over the course of the year, I found a job, got my boss fired, and was promoted to his position.

    At the beginning of the year, H (who was FI at the time) and I were toying with the idea of pushing back our wedding, not because of any real doubts from either of us, but because planning was Hell and we weren't thrilled with the way our wedding was shaping up.

    Now we're married and our wedding was amazing and I wouldn't really change anything except perhaps the dress.

    At the beginning of 2012, I had met just two knotties IRL, Sunbird/hellotarra/birddesigner or whatever she's calling herself now, and CSchiano. (Love them both, btw). 

    Now, I can add Drew, Buggle, Leia, rdr, Pee k, Beanbot, Shoes, Sak, and Jorja to that list.

    At the beginning of 2012, I had no idea what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, career-wise.

    I still don't have any clue.  Maybe in 2013 I'll figure it out.
  • I had an amazing year.

    In January I decided to really stick to running regularly instead of running for a few months and then doing nothing for a few months.  I made it my goal to run 366 miles this year (one a day).  I am happy to say that I have fewer than 20 miles to go!  I fell behind when I lost over a month to my killer cold.  This was mostly started by lurking here.  It was my "get a hobby."  And since FI wasn't planning to propose until sometime in 2013, I figured I would aim to run a half marathon before we got married.  And if I hit that goal, I'd aim for a full marathon.

    In April I got a promotion at work and a very nice raise.  I was pretty sure that this would be the highlight of my year! 

    In June I ran by best 5K ever and got 3rd place in my age group.  FI and I celebrated our 7th anniversary and I didn't feel disappointed that he hadn't proposed yet!  Years 5 & 6 were kind of rough. 

    In July FI proposed and I was 100% surprised. 

    In September I finally got to meet my niece for the first time. 

    Next week I am going wedding dress shopping! 

    Nest year: run a half marathon in June, get married in November, start shopping for a house. 
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  • Allusive: Thank you so much :) Congratulations on your engagement! And that's so awesome that you have owned your home for 5 years, I hope to be a homeowner one day

    RWS: Thank you...starting was a pretty tough thing to do. But I realized how much I really needed to lose weight because it really was changing my life in a bad way.

    Hummingbird: Thanks! That's awesome that you got to take horseback riding lessons. I have always wanted to do that but never have.

    steign: Thank you :) Congrats on graduating college! I will be graduating next semester.

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  • Wow 2012 was all over the board for me

    My oldest graduated from high school and started college

    I  quit my job, moved out of state to be with my BF, rented out my house to cover the mortgage. 

    Went BSC about not being engaged even with the drama going on in my life and discovered you great ladies who helped me screw my head back on...

    I found a job selling car wash in a can, quit that started waiting tables, quit that started temping at my current job in April, got hired full time in September. 

    I bought a new car (2011 Dodge Avenger), got a 2nd job to pay the car note

    I started grad school, which seemed like such a good idea at the time....'nuf said

    Actually I am ending 2012 on a high note gainfully employed, living with the love of my life, my parents are still here and healthy. 
  • Awww, I love reading all of these year in review!!!!

    I am totally drawing a blank about what happened this year, but I'll do my best.

    January bf and I celebrated one year together, it was so funny bc a year before that I didn't think I would find anyone who loves me like bf does and that makes me so happy!  Also in January, I had a bit of a health scare, but everything worked out fine minus the $750 copay (oy!)

    In March and April I got over my fear of flying by flying in a REALLLLY tiny plane to Key West.  By the way, go to Key West it's amazing.  I love it there.

    June we went on our second trip to Mexico.  BF was sick the whole time and didn't tell me until we were at the airport coming home ugh.  Also we had our first major fight.  It was nothing crazy, but there was vodka and yelling involved.

    July was my birthday.  Celebrated it with some really great friends.  Love those girls.  The next day my dad had bilateral hip replacement surgery and to this day I'm so freaking proud of him.  He walks around like a teenager!

    September I closed on my house, and became an official homeowner on September 5th.  Also, bf and I moved in together :)

    October was my dad's birthday, they came to my house to celebrate, we found an awesome restaurant around the corner from us and it has become our "hang out"

    November I hosted my first (and last) Thanksgiving in my new house. 

    December who knows it's not over yet ;)

    In light of all the bad crap that's been going on, I've realized that I need to look at EVERYTHING in a positive way.  I try to be positive all the time, and some things irk me, but they are little things and I need to be more positive about those too.  Maybe this is my new year's resolution.  That and losing weight and paying off my two credit cards.  Oh and find an accountant to help me with my taxes this year.  LOL.

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    January:  started exercising (for real) for the first time in my adult life.  started seeking help for depression/anxiety.  we lost Sassy, our 13 year old cairn terrier.

    February:  started my first vegetable and herb garden.

    March:  we took a weekend to paint our living room and kitchen; I started decorating the house with some money from our tax refund.

    April:  started (but didn't finish) C25K training; worked a lot in the garden.

    May:  scary stuff going on in our area so we hooked up our house alarm for the first time; I put on a banquet for the mothers in our Spanish-speaking group; baby Truffles (a little cairn terrier) came to live with my mom; more gardening.

    June:  lots of gardening; lots of changes going on at work; H's bro spent a few weeks with us

    July:  we celebrated our 1-year wedding anniversary and took a short trip; my grandfather in TN died and we traveled 17 hours in a car (one way) for the funeral and to visit my grandma.

    August:  got to my lowest weight of the year (for one week, ha!); started a new project at work; took some anniversary pics with H and Bella; Baxter joined our family!

    September:  my grandma in TN passed away and we made another 17-hr (one way) trip; I was in a wedding for a friend (the last one for a while); started having some major health problems due to stress/anxiety; Baxter was crazy with separation anxiety and issues due to neglect and probable abuse and driving ME crazy.  also, we lost our youngest bird dog to a rattlesnake bite (1.5 years old).

    October:  I had my foot surgery; Baxter finished training classes and started acting much better; started working from home.

    November:  traveled to NM for Thanksgiving; discovered the Thunder Shirt (anxiety jacket) for Baxter and it WORKED; still worked from home and loved it; started seriously pursuing going back to school to become a registered dietician; H hosted our first Spanish-speaking centered weekend at church and his uncle, mom, and bros came to stay with us for a few days; I got off crutches and into the othro boot.

    December:  applied and enrolled to go back to school; started counseling; went back to work; started a "beans and rice" budget with H to pay off student loans.
  • First off, I LOVE this thread. Thanks for starting it, RWS.

    Puzzle: AMAZING. Go you!

    2012 was definitely a year of transition for me. My then-FI and I moved in together last December. So, in January we were getting used to that aspect of "coupledom." It was a huge deal since I'm an only child from a very Catholic family.

    At Easter, I was asked by my cousin's wife to be godmother to her second daughter. I accepted, and celebrated Rosie's baptism in June. Later that same week, I attended my bridal shower with family and friends.

    In July, I turned 31. FI and I went to Baltimore a few days later to celebrate in a fancy hotel. It was 100 degrees plus that weekend, but we had fun nonetheless.

    And in September, I married my soulmate. We had a beautiful day. Nothing (that we know of) went wrong. People enjoyed the food and danced the night away. We enjoyed a 10-day honeymoon in the Canadian Rockies (Banff/Jasper/Yoho /Kootenay parks in Alberta/British Columbia). Absolutely gorgeous place. I recommend it to anyone.

    Since then, it's been putting together our apartment how we want it, which will go into 2013 to complete.

    I look forward to saving up for a house. (We need storage!) More importantly, we both need new jobs. Book publishing (him) and the postal service (me) are not solid fields anymore. And I can't wait for more trips with my H! We're debating the Seattle area, Portland, OR or San Francisco/central California for our anniversary trip in 2013.


  • ravenrayravenray member
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    I loved reading everyone's reviews. 


    This was a pretty good year but it had some major downs.


    In January my grandfather died.  That was really difficult.  My other grandmother worsened with her memory loss.  


    From the last year I was dealing with hell from my boss which translated into a ton of stress for me.  


    I successful planned my wedding while going to school full time and working part time.  


    My ex-best friend and I became friends again.  


    Huge family drama which includes half of my family on my mom's side no longer speaking to me over the wedding.  :(  If I could have changed anything it would have been that.  


    In May we had a great wedding but even that had its downs, mainly H being stung by bees 7 times in the foot and hardly being able to walk for the next 4 days.  


    Our honeymoon was awesome, 3 months in Germany.  We also go to travel to France and Austria.  We had a great time and I got to show H the world. 


    September we came back to Cali and promptly moved into our first apartment.  Culture shock.  Spent that month planning, decorating, and cooking.  


    October we started school and have been learning all about how to do the quarter system.  I am not a fan.  


    Now I am finished with my first quarter here and I rocked it.  I took 5 classes, 4 A's and one B+.   I am so happy! 


    Overall this has been a great year.  N and I have made huge strides in our relationship, including learning how to live together, which is tough when you are as neurotic as I am.  


    Hopefully 2013 will be even better! 

    EDIT: I forgot to add I met some wonderful NEY people this year too.  Lyn, Leia, and Lunar.  Hopefully I will get to meet more of you and come to a G2G.

    "Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained"-C.S. Lewis

    Married! May 27th, 2012

  • Looking back on 2012, I can say it has been a fantastic year.   

    I was able to travel to a handful of fun places.  BF and I spent a week in Puerta Vallerta and loved everything except the two days without hot water.  It did score us two free vouchers to come back, which we plan on using.  I got to spend time in NOLA with my sister and a few girlfriends, and eat and drink our way through the city.  The half marathon was pretty cool, too.  I finished my getaways with a bang in Vegas, and couldn't have ended the year better.

    BF and I found a fabulous apartment to rent in a new neighborhood and moved in together.  Its amazing waking up to him every morning.  We both were sad to leave our old neighborhoods, but are so in love with our new one it will be hard to ever leave the city now.  We are blessed to within walking distance of family and close friends. 

    After 2011's toll on my dad's health and my parent's financially, I jumped in and helped with a lot.  I took over my mom's car payments last year, and made the final one for her this summer.  Even though its not my car, it was a nice feeling to know its hers outright now. Yay for no car payments!

    My dad has started to show more flashes of his former pre-stroke self towards the end of this year.  Although he'll never work again or be the same as before, its really nice to see "him" come out in those moments.

    I'm excited to see what 2013 brings!

    I'm hoping it includes a Chicago GTG, lots of new left hand sparklies, and more posting on here.
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  • 2012 has been an interesting year February, FI and I then bf celebrated our two year anniversary May, I spent a week in Philly with my sister and brothers. I also got to meet peek and rdr, who are awesome. August, FI proposed completely surprised me December FI and I made the decision to quit our jobs and move to fl. We just got here, and are working on making this change awesome. I'm hoping to meet more knotties and maybe host a g2g at some point
  • GoldenPenguinGoldenPenguin Upstate NY mod
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    January: Was still with ex-BF. Nothing thrilling. He went to Texas without me for New Years.

    February: Broke up with ex-BF. Actually, got epically DUMPED by ex-BF. My childhood best friend's husband passed away. My mom had a heart attack and surgery.  Pretty much the worst month EVER.

    March: Got visited by four super awesome ladies who threw me an impromptu early birthday party. One of them made my cat pee.

    April: Turned 31. Drank a giant teacup of cider with some friends. Started talking to ex-BF again. (Because I'm a moron.)

    May: Continued to "reconcile" with ex-BF. He came to the area for work and we spent two days together.

    June: Went home for sister's bridal shower & bachelorette. Spent the night with ex-BF. Went to St. Louis for a work convention.

    July: Went home for 4th of July. Was supposed to see ex-BF, but he fell off the face of the planet for the second time. Got a letter from job telling me my contract was not being renewed in 2013.

    August: Started seventh year at my job. NOT where I wanted to be. Interviewed for a job that would have put me 40 minutes away from my family. Didn't get it. Started going to therapy.

    September: Got drunk and wrote a message on S's Facebook wall about getting together to watch football. He agreed. Got tattooed with Liv. Things started looking up.

    October: Started hanging out with S on a very regular basis. Realized that I liked him. And that he liked me. Got a second job.

    November: Became official with S. Didn't realize that I could actually be this happy. Had an amazing Friendsgiving with Liv. Decided that we were going to have epic Friendsgivings with our amazing BFs forever & ever.

    December: Got demoted. Became FACEBOOK official with S.

    I'm really hoping that 2013 is a hell of a lot better than 2012. Looking back, I really tried to find some good things to write about... but there weren't a lot of them until the last few months. But I know that I have an amazing boyfriend, some absolutely FKCING FANTASTIC friends, and a positive outlook... so things can only get better.


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    Wow, these are wonderful to read!

    January:Bf and I celebrated our one year anniversary at an amazing five star restaurant! I was working at a job I loved that hardly covered rent and I was living with an increasingly hostile roommate.

    March: Found out I was going to be an Aunty!! My grandma passed away suddenly almost the same day my stepmom had passed two years earlier. Did my first calendar shoot which caused a landslide of shoots to fallow through to now.

    May: Finished up the semester. Moved out of the hostile apartment. When violent/angry roomie was gone my old landlady called to say I could have the huge bookshelf in said apartment if I got three mattresses out of the crawlspace. Me and two friends had a blast circle sawing the mattresses out and tossing them off my old second floor balcony! (Highlight of the month haha)

    June: Moved to the same town as bf and got my own apartment. Quit old job (sad day) and got hired at the bakery.

    July: Had an amazing birthday party with my friends and was surprised with a Brave cake. Got accepted to my current university!

    August: Bf and I narrowly escaped a fatal car crash. My poor sdyne was deemed totalled but Bf's miracle working dad was able to get the pieces and fix her up good as new!!

    November:  Bf's family and my family had thanksgiving together and it was amazing! I love how our families just blend. Plus we've got some awesome chefs on both sides ;) Oh and I got accepted to be one of the guineas pigs for my universities new pure online program!! Hello scholarships and reduced fees!!

    December: Finished up semester. Flew home just in time to get to the hospital!! My nephew was born yesterday (12/19/12) at 7:39pm!!!! Ohmygosh he's too cute!!! I'm already spoiling him and my sister rotten! I'm so happy for them and am loving being an aunt!
    I still have some hopes for a special Christmas gift from bf but am trying not to get my hopes to high!

    Edit: spelling
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: A Year in Review</a>:
    [QUOTE]I had an amazing year. In January I decided to really stick to running regularly instead of running for a few months and then doing nothing for a few months. <strong> I made it my goal to run 366 miles this year (one a day).</strong>  I am happy to say that I have fewer than 20 miles to go!  
    Posted by lovelyheather[/QUOTE]

    <div>I absolutely love this idea and plan on adopting it for 2013!!</div><div>
    </div><div>My 2012:</div><div>-I started 2012 engaged to an amazing man. I had two showers in <strong>January</strong>.</div><div>-In <strong>March</strong>, 102 of my closest friends and family congregated in March to see DH and I get hitched. It was an amazing day.</div><div>-In <strong>May</strong>, 13 (ish?) NEY knotties congregated at my house to celebrate the ENEYG2G2012. Leia, Motolyn, Flygirlmeg, Loves2shop..., Liv, Lunar, Nursey, Jemini, Buggle, Audrewuh... crap, who am I missing?</div><div>-In <strong>July</strong>, DH and I went on our honeymoon to Playa del Carmen. We met another couple who will be friends for life.</div><div>-In <strong>September</strong>, my DH put in for a job transfer to MD.</div><div>-In <strong>October</strong>, his transfer was accepted.</div><div>-In <strong>November</strong>, we put our house on the market, and travelled to MD to look for a new house. We put an offer in and six days later, our contract was accepted and signed!</div><div>-In <strong>December</strong>, we (had someone else) pack our stuff, and drove >2,400 miles to Frederick, MD. This will be the first year since 2008 that my whole family will celebrate Christmas together. It will be the first of many!</div>
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: A Year in Review</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: A Year in Review : Hey, you met me, too! :(
    Posted by LivLeighton[/QUOTE]
    How could I forget you???!?!?  I am so sorry.  I knew I was forgetting someone :(  *hugs* I still love you. 
    "Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good as far as it can be obtained"-C.S. Lewis

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  • RWS - great idea!

    In 2012...
    I started the year living with BF where he's in law school, and working as a receptionist.
    In March BF surprised me with a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios for my birthday. Best birthday present ever! I also started my degree online - I've always wanted to be a teacher, so this is a good step towards that goal.
    In April we got an invite to my cousin's wedding in Jan 2013! We started saving up!
    In May BF went back to NJ, where our parents live, for a summer internship. I kept my job up here and drove back down there nearly every weekend. It was not fun but overall I think it was good for me and us.
    In June I met my baby cousin for the first time when he visited with his family and our grandparents. He is adorable and gave me baby fever for a month or so, which was fun, but kind of scared BF!
    In August BF came back home! Yay!
    In October BF and I went to an amazing Halloween party.
    In November BF and I went to a James Bond screening in NY and my bff visited over Thanksgiving and it was so much fun. 
    In December, I finished my job so I can study fulltime from January. And BF & I leave on Sunday for my cousin's wedding in New Zealand. Can not wait :)

    2013 has got a lot to beat, but I'm confident it's going to be great. I'm looking forward to summer in NJ with BF!

    I really like Heather's mile a day challenge. Dare I start it in Jan?!
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