Weekend plans???

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    woo long week

    Tonight - Tastefully simple party with SILs

    Sat - clean in the day, costume par-tay at night

    Sunday - nurse my hangover and relax :)

    have a fun halloween
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    Yay TGIF!

    Not much planned for this weekend which is nice since we ran around last weekend (which was so wonderful to be home and be at our friends wedding) and I felt so sick earlier this week. DH and I may go to a BBQ tonight, and then probably relax and watch a movie. Other than that, we'll probably just lay low and relax and I'll cook a nice dinner and get ready to hand out candy to the little ones. This is the first year we won't be going to a Halloween party *tear*. We really miss our friends, but we know this was a good move for us and for us to settle down and plant roots.
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    Tonight - Going up to CT and getting some Sonic on the way!

    Sat - Pumpkin Carving Party at my FIL's

    Sun - Going to the Pat's Game!

    Monday (I took off) - RESIGNING my marriage certificate b/c the USPS never delivered it to Westbrook so we won't be legally married until then!
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