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How long for a dress to come in?

Hello- THis is my first post. I was just engaed this April and we have not set a definite date yet... But we are thinking Dec 2011 or June 2012. Would I have enough time to find a dress and have it come in for December?  Also any input on one date over the other would be great! We are going to have about 200 people... Country Club Reception.

Re: How long for a dress to come in?

  • Many places require 3-4 months unless you are lucky enough to find a sample size to fit you.

    I would (for a Dec 11 date) be researching bridal shops and styles online. If you find a couple bridal stores in your area you're interested in trying, phone them and ask them what their lead time is. Each store will be different. For Dec 11 my best guess (based on my ordering a dress in early sept and getting it feb) would be to order late july/early august - but it depends on your salon.

    Good luck in your search :)
  • I ordered in mid February and will get it at the end of July for our wedding in November. But I also wanted to leave plenty of time to alterations. Good luck and have fun!!!
  • I got my dress at Alfred Angelo...and it came in in 2 weeks!! If you order from a chain like AA or David's Bridal I think you'll have plenty of time to find and alter a beautiful dress. Good luck!
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  • It does depend on many factors (designer's schedule, dress detail, time of year, etc). I ordered mine this month and it will be here in September (so 5 months).
  • I just ordered my dress and I was told aprox. 4 months for mine to come in. And most of the posts I have read said about 4-6 months but that's not including alterations.

    About your date, I'm a July 2012 bride and I favor the summer months. So I say go for June.
  • Congratulations and go for June but if you are worried about budget.. definitely go for December.

    It definitely depends on where you go.. my dress took about 7 months and there is nothing spectacular about IT or the name! lol! But you do have plenty of time if you were to do your December wedding. Good luck
  • Alfred Angelo told me it'd take 3 months but it came within 3 weeks.
  • Definitely depends on the dress/designer. Some take weeks, some of the expensive designer lines can take 8 months. 

    As far as the date - If you want to get married in December, it's definitely do-able. Most dresses won't take longer than 6 months, even for the most fancy-pants designers. I am December 17, and I'm actually really excited to be a winter bride. Everyone gets married in May and June here, and it is fun to not be "just another wedding" during prime wedding season. It all depends on what you like, though- I love rich colors, heavy fabrics, and so forth, and my preferences just fit better with winter. You may be just the opposite. 
  • It really does depend on a lot of things - designer and time of year are big.

    I ordered my Maggie Sottero dress in November.  I was told that it wouldn't be in for 4-5 months (putting me at March or April), but instead I got it in mid January.  Wouldn't count on that, but it does happen!  Not sure if this info would apply to many designers or just Maggie, but I was told Feb/March are the slowest months due to the Chinese New Year - their work gets done there and workers get three weeks off during this time.  Seeing how this time period is over, you shouldn't have too big of a delay in getting your dress.

    Bottom line, you should definitely have time to get a dress in and have it altered by December, and MORE than enough time to get it by June if you decide upon that instead.  Mention your timeline to your bridal shop and they can make sure it happens :)

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