Flip flops or flats for flower girls

Hi All,
Just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to where I can get flip flops with either an ivory, coral, or turquoise flower on them. I found some at the Gap but 2 of my flower girls can wear girls sizes and the other one can only wear toddler sizes. Ideally I would like them to wear the same shoe, but if that's not possible I will have to rethink my strategy.

I'm thinking flip flops cause they are more beachy and comfy for kids, although I posted on the regular wedding board and got yelled at for putting kids in flip flops cause they are unsafe, unclassy and loud. Oops!! This board is sooo much nicer and less judgemental. :-) Thank you for all being so kind with each other!

I would need  girls size 2 and 10 and toddlers girls size 8. Any ideas? I have attached a photo of the type of flip flops I'm looking for. Thanks in advance for all your help!

Re: Flip flops or flats for flower girls

  • Well I would get completely ripped apart on those boards because I bought myself a pair of flip flops from Bridal Flip Flops on Etsy for my wedding day, ha! Crissi was wonderful to deal with. It doesn't look like she has a whole lot of selection for flower girls, but she has a huge selection for bridal so I'm sure she could design whatever you were thinking. A little pricey, but I was very happy with how mine turned out. Link is below. Good luck! http://www.etsy.com/shop/BridalFlipFlops
  • Thanks so much for the tip! I will check Crissi out! Thanks for not yelling at me about wanting flip flops for my wedding lol!! Hopefully I will find what I'm looking for!
  • lol I couldn't imagine flaming someone over flip flops on a beach for anyone, nevermind kids. That just seems like a whole lot of wasted energy!
  • Try zappos.com. That's where I had the parents of my flower girls buy their brown and white flip flops.
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