Having my first panic attack...

We are supposed to go to Lily Lake Inn tomorrow night and sign the contract and I am just not sure it is the right place for us.  We know we want to have an outdoor ceremony and we chose our date based on Lily Lake's availability and the fact that if we book for April it is $15 off per person, except that now the only Sat left is April 2nd and I am nervous that the weather will not be nice enough for an outdoor ceremony and the only place indoors to hold it is on the dance floor which would be really tight, not to mention where are all the guests supposed to go while they rearrange the room? They also dont offer desserts and dont allow any outside food aside from a wedding cake.  We really wanted to have a chocolate fountain and other desserts.

We really really wanted a fall barn wedding but we have moved up the date range to the spring because we are going through fertility treatments and I do not want to be pregnant at the wedding.  We are ok with a Sunday if that is less expensive since we are working with a total budget of about $13000 for everything.  I have my dress already which is one thing down but I am overwhelmed with choosing the venue &/or caterer. The dj, flowers, centerpieces, photographer are easy choices for us but making this decision is really hard especially since the spring is only 6 months away.  We only looked at the Webb Barn and Lily Lake.  We went to Wickham Park but there was a wedding going on and we couldnt really go in to see it.,  HELP!! Is this just nerves or should I listen to my gut and not sign this contract tomorrow??
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Re: Having my first panic attack...

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    I have never been to Lilly Lake, but I think that you should hold off on signing the contract until you are absolutely confident in your decision.  It would be so terrible to sign it and then feel bad about it.  Can you hold off and look at another place before you sign any contracts?  This should be a fun and exciting thing, so dont let anyone bully you into something you are not 100% sure of.
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    I've been to a wedding at Wickham and the barns.  Both are amazing.  Wickham is nice.  It is always hard to choose but I am sure you will make teh choice that is best for you
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    I say follow your guts. I've never heard of a wedding facility not offering/doesn't allow desserts besides the cake. For me that alone would be a deal breaker. I've never been to a event at Wickham Park but have heard great things about it from past brides. 
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    I have never been to Wickham Park or Lilly Lake. I agree with pp that you should follow your gut. I think I posted on another thread you had about The Barn at Weslyan Hills and the Pavillion on Crystal Lake, both in Middletown. The might have spring Sundays available and they get good reviews. Ultimately you have to go with what works for you. Dont settle if you dont love it.
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    I was originally going to sign with Lily Lake but due to certain issues I decided not to go with them.  Unfortunately I can't PM (TK tells me you don't exist lol) you about it.

    But in any case, if you feel you aren't 100% comfortable and have doubts don't do it.  It is important that you definitely want the venue and be happy with it and not have to think about it after the signing of the contract :)

    Good luck!
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    I went to see Lily Lake, but I felt like they had a lot of hidden fees, so make sure to ask about things like hour d'hourves.  It isn't a barn wedding, but Anthony's in New Haven had a great deal on Sundays when I booked (it is on a beach).  It might be an even better deal for the off season time. 
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    I agree with everyone. I'd hold off until you find something you love that has a date you feel more comfortable with. Don't just settle because they're giving you a discount. You can negotiate prices with most places you book- you just have to ask!
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    I agree with everyone.  It sounds like you are having serious doubts.  You should feel mostly excitement when you book!  I say go with your gut.  Also, as others have mentioned don't be afraid of trying to negotiate.  Good luck!!
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    I would definitely listen to your gut. We're having our wedding at The Barns at Wesleyan Hills in May. They have been wonderful to work with! If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

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