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What should I do?

My shower is 2 weeks away and I just received a gift from UPS.  It has no card and no name on the packing slip.  How should I handle finding out who sent it so I can thank them?
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Re: What should I do?

  • Is it from your registry?  You can generally ask the store to look up who bought it if it is (or some stores have a thank you list you can just check online).

  • If it's not from you registry or what the PP suggested doesn't work,, you can also ask around at your shower. If it showed up so close to your shower, my guess is that it's from someone who was invited to come but can't make it. If you ask some close friends or relatives, they may know who sent it.

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  • I'd call UPS.  they should have a record of where the gift came from.
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  • In Response to Re: What should I do?:
    [QUOTE]I'd call UPS.  they should have a record of where the gift came from.
    Posted by myname1234[/QUOTE]

  • Thanks ladies.
    It is from my Target registry and was shipped direct from the manufacturer.  I've checked their website and can't find a way to determine who bought it, so I guess I will just wait for the shower to see if I can find some more info. 
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  • Best to quietly ask around... While UPS may have a record of where it's sent from, that record would be of the shipping warehouse. Maybe dig a little deeper on the registry site, but sometimes it becomes an issue of the buyer not specifically providing their info for you and Target has to respect their privacy.
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