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Music/Ceremony Help Pretty Please

I'm trying to figure out what music to do in the ceremony and I truly have no idea where to start with it. Aside from the hymns to go with the readings. What music do I need and how did you figure it out? The only music I think I need to pick is
-Mothers/Grandmothers are getting seated.
-BM walking down the aisle - although it seems really silly to have 1 song for 1 person ??
-Myself walking down the aisle
-When FI and I walk down the aisle after our vows.
I'm sure there is more but I don't honestly know what I need to pick out. If it matters there will not be communion at the wedding - so no communion song. Its just 2 readings and a gospel and our vows and the unity candle.

I'm really lost on this aspect and truthfully I don't understand the whole timing thing of the wedding and how it functions/works. Color me dumb, but I've been to like 1 wedding and I was like 17. So I don't really understand how it is supposed to work.

Any links/suggestions/advice/guidance would be great and seriously appreciated.

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Re: Music/Ceremony Help Pretty Please

  • IrishcurlsIrishcurls member
    edited January 2012
    Amh, double check with your priest--our church had a list of 20 or so song appropriate for the different aspects of the ceremony and we had to pick from them (or another instrumental, appropriate song if we realllly wanted one). They might be able to lead you in the right direction or give you a starting  place.

    I'm trying to remember what we did.

    Mothers sat to "Ave Maria"
    My BMs walked to "Pachabel's Canon"
    I was "Jesu, Joy of Mans Desiring"
    Recetional was "Trumpet Voluntary"

    edited because I remembered the other song!
  • AmandaSC1988AmandaSC1988 member
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    edited January 2012
    I can't remember...are you doing a Catholic wedding? Part of me thinks you are.

    This is the different songs we have to pick out for our Mass:

    • Seating of Mothers
    • Seating of Bridal Party
    • Bridal Entrance song
    • Unity Candle
    • Offertory Song
    • Communion Song
    • Recessional Song

    My MIL gave me a CD set with 5 different CDs with 100 top wedding songs on it. We are doing live music but it was a great list to go off of. If you want I can give you the list of the songs when I get home.

    ETA - Ditto what Irish said! Our church had a list of songs to choose from, but they let us choose what they want because Fi's parents are cantors..

  • Thanks Irish, I'll give it a check. I've been having a heck of a time even getting ahold of the music director, like really at the moment we dont officially have anyone doing the ceremony music. Thats really another story.

    I really appreciate your input and I'll definitely ask to see if there is a list of any sort. :)
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  • Amanda - it will be catholic, but it won't be the full mass. Just the Rite of Marriage.
    The list would be great! It would definitely give us some sort of reference/starting point. I'd really appreciate it.
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  • I would suggest making the song for the seating of mother's/grandmother's the same song for the one bridesmaid. That way you don't have to play a 3 minute excerpt of a song for just one person to walk down the aisle. If you're able (I don't know what or who is doing your ceremony music) maybe have light music playing before the ceremony while guests are arriving. I've been to a few weddings where a song is played, or someone sings, while lighting the unity candle. The lighting of the candle takes all of two seconds but it's a nice time to just kind of stand there with your FI and take in the moment! Is that the info you're lost on or are you asking for specific song suggestions?
  • Personally, I'm using the piano versions of some of my favorite songs (e.g. for the prelude for the BMs and myself, piano cover of Brandi Carlile's "The Story" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FXNlpIZxlg ...fast forward to 0:20 to start)
  • I would just have FI and GM come out to the light music that is playing while guests arrive (if you're doing that).
  • Yeah ditto Amanda, if they're in the Sacristy beforehand, they just sort of wander out before the processionals start. Some of these questions should be answered for you by the priest/music director once they finally get back to you--a bunch of things weren't very optional for us and I was happy that way--I figure they do weddings all the time and this is my first one so why make it complicated!
  • I'm with cab. We only had 3, all Beatles songs on the piano.
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  • I haven't picked mine yet either, but 3 songs sounds good to me! But then again I'm not having my wedding in a church.

    I would look up songs on google if nothing else works out. Good luck!
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