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Timing of your honeymoon??

When are you guys leaving for your honeymoon? The day after the wedding?

People have been asking us if we are going to leave on Sunday after our Saturday afternoon wedding. I would LOVE to leave on Sunday but what about our family and guests who are here from out of town? Do we just leave them here to fend for themselves or do we need to insure everyone gets off to home before we leave?

Also, packing for a week long vacation will be an added stress to the planning aspect I'm going to guess. Since we will want to have everything to go the day before the wedding so we don't have to stress about packing.

Just curious as to what your timeline is in regard to the honeymoon.

Re: Timing of your honeymoon??

  • I would do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable for your situation. Some girls leave the next day, some leave a few days after, some a week after, some many months after. I left two days after my first wedding and then when I remarried, we had a destinaton wedding, so I was already away :) There is really no right or wrong with this question.


  • I think it just kind of depends on what you want. We had originally planned on leaving the day after but we really didn't want to have pressure and have to get ready that fast. With everything getting over from the wedding we wanted Sunday to just get ready and relax and see our family one last time before they all went back home. We were very thankful that we gave ourselves that extra day. Also I think that you should consider vacation time and how long you are going to be gone.


  • We left 3 weeks after our wedding because that's when we could get off. I feel like it would have been too much to leave the day after.
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  • We're getting married 3 hours from where we live, and we're not getting home until the Monday after our Saturday wedding. We decided to book our HM for two weeks after so we have some time to re-group after the wedding. Also, taking nearly two consecutive weeks off of work was going to be hard for us. I'm totally fine with this, and it'll be nice to have something to look forward to after. I know of a lot of people who wait weeks or even months after to go on their honeymoon, just do whatever feels best for you guys!
  • We're getting married Saturday, and leaving Wednesday.  That gives us a few days to decompress, relax, pack, open gifts, maybe start some thank-you cards, and cash checks.  And, of course, just enjoy being husband and wife!

    I don't think there's a right or wrong though.  A part of me always dreamed of leaving for the honeymoon directly from the wedding.  I think that would be romantic and fun too.  But ultimately, leaving later works for us.

  • miranda hollymiranda holly
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    We are getting married on a saturday afternoon, partying all night, then throwing a lunch get together the next day for all our guests.  We are leaving the Tuesday night for the honeymoon. We didn't plan on having a couple days in between the wedding and when we leave, it just worked better for flights.  So since we were around, we are hosting and hanging out with the OOT guests in those days.

    Edit: It is absolutely not your responsiblity to make sure guests get home ok!  they are all adults.  if you can and want to hang out, go ahead.  I'm sure they will all understand your choices. 
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  • We're getting married on a Wednesday and leaving for our honeymoon a few days later on Sunday. That's what worked best for flight prices, and we didn't want to have the extra stress of leaving immediately after the wedding.
  • I'm getting married on 9/21 and our honeymoon is 10/18.  Initially I was disappointed I wasn't leaving a day or so after my wedding and I worried it wouldn't feel as much like a honeymoon but now I'm glad I made that decision because I can recooperate from the wedding, get some thank you notes done and get caught up at work before heading off for a 9 day vaca!

  • Sue-n-KevinSue-n-Kevin
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    We planned our honeymoon to start about 3 weeks after our August 27th wedding because we checked the Detroit Tigers travel schedule and saw they were playing the Oakland A's for 4 nights in mid September. So, we arrived the same day they did, stayed at the same hotel in San Francisco, got a lot of autographs on a baseball when we passed through the lobby, and saw them clinch the division in Oakland in 2011.

    We then picked up our rented convertible in San Fran, drove for 10 days down the coast of CA on Pacific Coast Hwy.

    For the sports fans and baby boomers we are, this was heavenly.

    OT: Lucky we planned on the delay, because my 16 year old daughter, who was our MOH, had a vicious gall bladder attack the day after the wedding, we took her to the emergency room, and she had her gall bladder out the next day and spent 3 days in the hospital. So, this delay for us was very fortuitous.
  • We're getting married April 6 and will depart for Jamaica on May 4 (which is a Saturday).  FI has to take exams between those dates, and while I wasn't thrilled initially about the timing, I'm so relieved now.  It will give us a few weeks to get thank you notes written, checks cashed, etc. so that when the actual honeymoon happens we literally have nothing to worry about it.  It also lets us travel from a Saturday afternoon to a Saturday afternoon, which times well in terms of dropping our cat off at my parents on the way, picking her up the day after (they live about 2 hrs away), and still catching a direct flight out of Atlanta instead of having to connect.
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  • We're getting married on April 27th but aren't planning to go on our honeymoon until the end of May (we still have to book it though) I felt that leaving right after our wedding would be a bit to stressful for us.
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  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!)
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    We left one week later.  We wanted some time to relax and pack for the honeymoon after the wedding.  As it turns out, it worked out perfectly.  Our wedding was postponed with Hurricane Sandy and we needed that week to reschedule everything and find a couple of new vendors before we left for our honeymoon.  
  • We haven't locked in the date of our wedding yet (depends on when some specific local trees bloom) so we'll be leaving 4-6 weeks after the wedding. I didn't want to risk cutting it too close and having to fly off before the trees were ready!
  • We are leaving directly after the wedding. It's a small wedding with not a lot of planning, so we really aren't overwhelmed by the thought of it. I think it will be really neat to leave town right after getting married!
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  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's
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    We left the Monday after our Saturday wedding.  I was so happy we had a day to just recuperate from the festivities.  H was hung over and I was exhausted.  When my parents, H and I got back to our house from the hotel H went straight to be and I opened our cards/gifts with my Mom (H didn't care at all about this).  After that I took a much needed nap and then after H and I woke up we packed for the HM because neither of us had time to pack before the wedding.  We were able to get a great nights sleep and were up early Monday to catch our flight.

    I could not have imagined the condition H would have been in if we had to get up the day after the wedding and go directly to the airport.  That would have been one miserable travel day for the both of us.

  • We left late Sunday morning after our Saturday wedding, it wasn't nearly as stressful as I thought it'd be, but did take a little bit of planning.  We took both Thursday and Friday off before the wedding, so had plenty of time to pack.  We also didn't have many people in from out of town, so that wasn't much of an issue.  

    It also made it easy knowing that we only had a 2 hour direct flight to get to our HM location, I think if we had a longer way to go, I would have taken at least one day to relax before travelling. 

  • I am getting married on a Sunday and leaving for our honeymoon on Tuesday.  I can't imagine leaving Monday.  I think it would be too much.  I am sure we will be exhausted from the wedding and then to fly on top of it, no thank you. I don't want to sleep through the first day of my honeymoon due to exhaustion.  :)
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  • KatWAGKatWAG Chicago
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    We got married on a Saturday. We left Monday around noon for an international flight.

    The day after our wedding I was exhausted. We woke up had brunch with our families checked out of our hotel. It was so nice not to be in a rush. We went home a crashed on the couch for the rest of the day and opened gifts. I had done most of the packing for the HM before the wedding so I just needed to gather up some random odds and ends. I think starting on Monday was great because I didnt want to start out our vacation feeling rushed or stressed.
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  • do what's best for you.
    we left 3 weeks after for a variety of reasons but ended up loving that because we spent 3 days with OOTers after the wedding, go all of our thank you cards done, mil hosted a monrning after brunch at her house.. we were up until 5am. no way would i want to go the next day.
    packing for a week (or however long your HM is) isn't hard. you can do that a few days before the wedding if you need to.


  • We are getting married on a Saturday and our flights are booked for Tuesday morning. We were going to leave Monday but a friend suggested Tuesday as she said she felt much less rushed and tired by waiting an extra day after her own wedding. We both have plenty of vacation time at work so luckily time off is not an issue.
  • We were married on a Saturday and left on the Tuesday after our wedding. Mostly because the trip ended up being cheaper going Tuesday to Tuesday. I think it was a blessing in disguise because we had a few days to relax after the wedding, deposit money into the bank, and pack without feeling rushed or stressed. 
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  • We're getting married on a Friday and leaving Saturday. I'm going to try and find an afternoon plane ride so we don't have to get up ridiculously early. It's usually me with the hang overs but we're just having beer and wine so I'll be fine. I really didn't want to leave days after the wedding. I also plan on having everything packed up a few days before the wedding so all we have to do is grab our suitcases on the way out the door.

  • Please don't worry about leaving your guests to "fend for themselves"...they are all adults and fully capable of taking care of themselves while out of town. 

    Whatever works best for you is fine.  I initially realllllly wanted to leave the day after the wedding.  I loved the idea of just disappearing, not having to worry about anything and just enjoying being husband and wife far from home.  However, with the way the flights worked out, there was no way we could leave on Saturday after our Friday wedding (unless it was 6am, and that wasn't happening!), so we ended up leaving Sunday morning instead, and I'm so glad that we did.  We were able to get brunch the next morning with some of the bridal party and out of town friends, and then we ate leftover cake with some other friends later in the afternoon which was really fun because it gave us a chance to rehash the wedding immediately afterwards, rather than having to wait 2 weeks until we got back from our honeymoon.  He and I then ran a few errands, got a quick dinner and packed for the honeymoon that night, and opened about half our cards.  It was really really nice to have that extra day, but I do still kind of love the idea of going away immediately, if you can swing it.
  • Our wedding is Saturday and we are leaving Friday for our honeymoon, so just under a week in between. I really wanted to leave Monday but this works better for our vacation days and for flights. By planning it this way, we have the same trip length but fewer days off of work since they span weekends.

    I sometimes get worried about it not feeling romantic enough, since those initial newlywed days will be spent crashing in my FIs bachelor pad, but I think it will be fine. I told him my concerns and I know he will make the trip extra special for me. Plus it is nice to know you can get money deposited and maybe enjoy a little extra splurge on the trip because of it!

    I am currently planning on taking the Monday after the wedding and the Thursday before the honeymoon off from work to recuperate and pack, and so I don't have to suffer through a looonng week at work before we leave on Friday!! I'll only have to go in 2 days! Luckily my vacation time will cover that.

    Anyway, anything you decide will end up being the best decision for you, bc its your honeymoon!
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  • Our wedding is Sunday, and we're leaving 4 days after.  We have family that will be here till Tues, and want to make sure they get to the airport and everything ok.  And, i didn't want the extra stress of leaving the day after, or having to catch a flight when we're hung over.
  • We are getting married Saturday morning, having a brunch reception, and leaving Sunday morning.  We don't drink so there is no concern about hangovers, and we will be a little frazzled, but luckily we have a short flight.  :)  I really wanted to leave the next day since our wedding is December 14....need a little cushion time between returning and Christmas.  It will be a very festive two weeks. 
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  • We left 2 days after our wedding.  Our wedding was in our hometown, which is 3 hours from where we live.

    Saturday- wedding
    Sunday- drove home
    Monday- left for HM

  • Our wedding will be Sunday, we're leaving Monday morning.

    The cruise just worked out that way, we could have waited a week or a month or however long but it seemed like fate that the cruise we wanted was leaving the day after our wedding so we booked it.

    Then FI got laid off, and then got a new job... and for a few weeks we were concerned they weren't going to approve a week of vacation so soon after being hired. Not to mention eating the deposit to change the dates/cancel outright.

    Thankfully it all worked out and his new job was 100% on board with this being a one time thing and we're still a go. We get on a non stop 2 hour flight bright and early the morning after our wedding and then the cruise begins that afternoon.
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