Maine Officiant? Daniel Forte Review?

Hello, fellow Maine brides!  I'm getting married late July this summer in Kennebunkport, Maine in a non-denominational outdoor ceremony and we need an officiant!  I received a recommendation for Daniel Forte from LetThemEatCakeMaine[dot]com.  We spoke briefly on the phone, and perhaps I'm just expecting too much, but I didn't feel like we connected... Has anyone worked with Daniel Forte, or have a recommendation for a wedding officiant they liked?  Any info is much appreciated.

Re: Maine Officiant? Daniel Forte Review?

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    Dear Fellow Maine Bride,

    I also spoke to Daniel Forte about officiating my Maine wedding ceremony and also did not get the feeling that we made any special connections.  This is the most important day of my life, so I wanted everything (especially my wedding ceremony) to be perfect!  After interviewing several Maine wedding offiicants, we decided to go with All In One Weddings.  They offered us a complimentary consultation and went over every detail of our ceremony with us in person.  They gave us hundreds of samples and options to choose from, and  we ended up with a very romantic and unique ceremony that all of our friends are still talking about!  Give them a call at (207) 725-0195.  They are very warm, friendly, and have a special way of making you feel like you have known them your whole life!
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    Based on your screen name, you look like you are the Connie you are speaking of.  Vendors aren't allowed here, and you dragged up an old thread of someone who already got married.
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    We ended up booking Dan Forte and everything went very smoothly. Daniel was organized and thorough and very professional.  He had an extensive reading list to choose from and accommodated our request for a reading not on the list.  He also knew every last detail of the legalities of getting married in Maine, down to the name of the town clerk we needed to see to apply for our marriage license.  My initial assessment of not connecting was just a misread of Daniel's efficiency and professionalism.  I'd recommend him to fellow brides.
  • You were lucky.  We certainly would never recommend Dan Forte.  He was selected for my daughter's wedding which took place last week.  He rushed the rehearsal as he needed to be at a cocktail party, he brought the wrong vows and information with him (even though my daughter had emailed him and discussed the new vows with him over the phone so he obviously had them).  This was just the beginning.  On the actual wedding day the wedding procession walked down, my daughter walked down and then everyone realized that Dan Forte was not there.  How embarassing for the bride.  Once the hotel finally tracked him down, he first said we had told him 5:30, which was not true, the following day he apologized (sort of) by saying he confused us with another wedding.  The hotel said he has done other weddings there and is very famililar with the fact that they only conduct weddings at noon or 3:30pm.When he finally arrived he said absolutely nothing to the guests who had now sat in the sun for nearly and hour.  Had he at least apoligized to everyone we would have felt better.  My advice - Find someone else for your wedding. 
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