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When is it too late for a shower?

FI and I changed our date to November 24 mid-late August - immediate/close family and a few close friends.

My mom just started talking about having a shower (today) - I'd kind of like one, but I wouldn't be totally devastated if one didn't happen.

Her schedule is pretty booked up until Sat, Nov 3 for the shower, which is 3 weeks before the wedding. I'm hesitant with it being so close to the wedding, but she thinks it will be okay.

Is November 3 too late for a shower or would it be acceptable? Majority is local; the rest is about 1 - 1 1/2 away.

I'm fine with either way, but I worry about any hardships or inconvenience it would be for the guests and would rather decline if it would make it harder for other people. Thoughts?
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Re: When is it too late for a shower?

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