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Bachelorette party weekend and one big super FAIL :/

I'm super excited for my bachelorette party this weekend.  7 of my best girlfriends are going down to New Orleans Fri-Sun.  We found a house to rent in the French Quarter (cheaper and nicer than a hotel).  I've been looking forward to this for months, and what happens to me last weekend??  I get into a parachute accident Sunday night at work and now my face looks like I tried to stop a moving car with it. :/  I've got a black eye and bruising on my cheek and jaw.  I'm just thanking God I didn't break any bones.  The swelling is down, and there's no broken skin, so I hired a makeup artist to do airbrush for me both nights before we all go out.  At least the wedding is still over a month away.  This could have turned out much much worse.  :/


Re: Bachelorette party weekend and one big super FAIL :/

  • GoBucksOHGoBucksOH member
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    OH wow so sorry to hear that!!

    That really sucks that it happened right before your party, I would be bummed about that too. But honestly, I am just happy YOU are ok. It definitely could have been much worse.
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    I got into a bike accident last summer and fell on my face (literally).  You'll be fine before the wedding!  My swelling lasted about 3 days at its worst, 1 week where I noticed it but others really didn't.  And makeup can do miracles! 

    Don't be freaked out if your cheekbones (if you hit them) are still tender up to 2 months after.  Mine were.  I saw a doctor about it and they said it can take a long time to heal (but don't worry - you couldn't see anything and it wasn't throbbing - just tender if I pressed on it). 

    Glad you're okay - and thankful it wasn't worse!
  • clearheavensclearheavens member
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    I'm so glad you're ok.  It's one of those horror stories you don't want to happen before the wedding!  I'm very grateful for your military service and I know you put yourself at risk more often than me as a civilian.

    The intact skin is really good news.  (No make-up artist can fix broken skin.)  But I think the airbrush will hide any evidence of a black eye.  You're in good hands.  If you said the swelling is down then I think a month should be fine for any discoloration to go away.  My med school FI says put ice on it so less blood flows into surrounding tissue.  Come back and update us on how it looks near your wedding.

    Now go and have tons of fun in New Orleans, lucky girl!
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  • hsnodgrahsnodgra member
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    Here are my suggestions / words of inspiration for you....

    1. Have fun with it! Make up ridiculous stories about how it happened and tell everyone you meet a different story. Although I guess "parachuting accident" is a decent story on its own! ;)

    2. Have you been to New Orleans?!? There are some serious freaks there!!! Granted, I was there over Mardi Gras... but still, I get the idea the freaks are always there.... so the point is, compared to them, your bruised face will be nothing! Ha.

    Hope it is awesome, can't wait to hear about it!

  • suze68suze68 member
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    Just wanted to say that I am glad you are ok, with no broke bones or worse!
    Have a great time in New Orleans... I suggest that you go to Cafe Du Monde (it is a few blocks away from Bourbon Street) and get their benets, they are AMAZING and you will not regret it, I promise!!!!

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    Thanks for all the great advice ladies!  And for the laughs! ;)  The guys at work think I should wear an MMA (mixed martial arts) shirt around. haha  The bruises are already turning yellow, so I'm hoping that's a sign that I'm a fast healer.  I'll let you know how the makeup works for me this weekend.  :)
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