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The Driskill Haunting.

So about a month ago, my finace' booked our wedding night at the Driskill. Later, he casually mentions it's supposed to be haunted! I watch alot of ghost TV shows which doesn't help...but I'm worried I'll be nervous.

Re: The Driskill Haunting.

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    Umm.... I would hope that the last thing you'd be thinking about on your wedding night in a fancy hotel room would be the ghosts!!!
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    It will be memorable if anything happens. Plus it gives you an excuse to cuddle more!! :)
  • sheadaysheaday member
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    I've heard some of the ghost stories but it def wouldn't stop me from spending a night there. The hotel is beautiful.
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    we've booked our wedding night at the driskill as well.  when i went to check out the room, the bellhop told us a few ghost stories (they have a brochure that lists them all)..  there have been lots of rumored sightings at the hotel, including two brides-to-be who killed themselves at the driskill.  "seeing" them on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck.  our wedding is during the halloween weekend and i, personally, welcome the opportunity of additional entertainment =)

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    We are staying there on our wedding night too. We knew about the possibility of seeing ghosts but I also worked at a camp that was rumored to have ghosts and I never saw them there (although other staffers saw them the same summer I was there). Maybe I don't have any luck with ghost visitations? Then again, I don't think I will be disappointed in my stay- I want to focus on enjoying the night with my new husband. =)
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    We stayed there for our wedding night in May and loved it. The room was beautiful and the bed was seriously the most comfortable thing I've ever slept on (my friend who stayed there said the same thing, lol). We didn't get anything special because it was our wedding night (even though they knew it and we showed up in our wedding clothes), but the customer service was excellent nonetheless.  My only complaint was that we could hear music from an event on the 1st floor in our room a few floors up, and we could hear downtown traffic well. We weren't exactly trying to sleep at the time (lol) so it wasn't a huge deal, but I could see this being a problem for others. It was a bit of a splurge but we really enjoyed the experience.
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