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NFL draft

Anyone else watching/being forced to watch? The fans in the audience do not look/sound happy at all.

Re: NFL draft

  • They are not a happy crowd at all.

    DH is screaming at the TV because the Panthers picked Cam Newton who he can't stand.
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  • I am stuck at work. I guess I could watch it online but I'll wait for the highlights tonight. I think April is at a Giant's draft party.
  • I feel a little bad for the draftees this year. They are definitely not getting the moment of glory I'm sure they imagined with all the drama around the NFL.

    Ugh..we have to wait until Detroit picks before H will change the channel. It's gonna be a long night...
  • I know the feeling KW. I have to watch until Seattle picks and I believe that they are number 25 or so.
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  • Knot yes, watch tv no Undecided I will settle for mocking the people on tv and making fun of the stupid things the commentators will eventually say Smile
  • I don't care for Cam Newton either but I knew he would get picked first.
  • I'll be doing some more dishes once the dishwasher finishes the load that is in there now.
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  • Thank goodness that FI only cares about the panthers. Channel changed.
  • My DH has a thing against him because he feels that Cam robbed Kellan Moore from Boise St. of the Heisman trophy.
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  • OOTB I would think he would even have to watch. It was practically a given they pick up Cam Newton.
  • Ha "he is now hugging the man he is sueing"
  • He said that he knew they'd pick Cam Newton but just wanted to watch the Panther's pick since he does every year. But, he also said he wouldn't have bothered except it was at the very beginning. He said he doesn't like Cam Newton either. Something about his Dad being accused of asking for money in exchange for him going to Auburn.
  • Not watching but I know that Von Miller got picked 2nd which makes me super happy :o)
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  • This is the first year I haven't gone to the draft since 2005.  It is way more fun when you are there.  My team isn't even picking until 30 so I will probably not make it up.
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  • I didn't know it was open to the public Jamie, or do you get in since you used  to work for the jets?
  • CS that is what DH said as well.
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_snarky-brides_nfl-draft?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:17Discussion:621380e8-db49-4227-a9f9-4599196dae8aPost:5a7774b5-56fa-4e75-b278-74c936ff53aa">Re: NFL draft</a>:
    [QUOTE]I didn't know it was open to the public Jamie, or do you get in since you used  to work for the jets?
    Posted by DodgersBride[/QUOTE]
    You can buy tickets but my father is an NFL writer so he always gets tickets.  My FI and I didn't have much interest this year with all the nonsense going on.
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  • We do need a younger QB. Hasselback is getting way too old.
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  • This is the first year I've actually watched.. Is there always this much boo-ing? 
  • I think the booing is coming from the fans being pissed about the lockout.
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  • I guess if I was a die hard fan I'd be pissed about all the drama too, I just wasn't sure if this was a normal amount. lol FI is a titans fan.. Which makes football kind of wahwahwahhh...
  • I haven't watched it in about 4 years, but I don't remember this amount of booing back then. I think it's mostly the drama.

    H is a Lions fan ;) Luckily my team held down the fort last year (Packers).
  • I'm waiting for Mark Ingram to get picked.
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  • cardmonstacardmonsta member
    edited May 2011
    Prince Amukamara for us!

    ETA: Also:

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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-boards_snarky-brides_nfl-draft?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20BoardsForum:17Discussion:621380e8-db49-4227-a9f9-4599196dae8aPost:7e43dc68-8249-45f2-b3ac-6789f2d60c33">NFL draft</a>:
    [QUOTE]Anyone else watching/being forced to watch? <strong>The fans in the audience do not look/sound happy at all.</strong>
    Posted by katiewhompus[/QUOTE]

    </div><div>Totally what I was thinking! I watched for a little since the Lions had 13th pick... I'd much rather watch football game than watch a draft... boorrrrinnng</div>
  • LenaFLenaF member
    #1. Fans are booing at Goodell b/c of the Lockout, but it was getting so annoying.

    #2. Cam Newton never received any money to play at Auburn. He dad went stupid when talking to MSU people.

    #3. Cam Newton is a GREAT guy. Just ask the kids at the elementary school where he volunteered. I knew I should have gotten his autograph when I saw him on campus...ugh. No reason to hate the guy, unless he sucks it up for your team then you can hate him.

    #4. The Lions are going to be scary on defense with Suh and Fairley.

    #5. I was getting nervous for Mark Ingram...I was worried he wouldn't go in the first round when it was getting towards the end. Also, Not cool ESPN...letting her read that e-mail on the air from his father...that was sad. Just to get him to show more emotion and to get another story out of it. Jerks...he should have read that off air with his family.

    #6. My brother was TICKED off that the Falcons took Julio Jones. Not because he went to UA but because he just can't stand him. Sad thing is...he deserves to be in a jail cell sitting by his brother right now. Ahh...politics, gotta love it!

    #7. Christian Ponder from FSU got drafted early...like 12th to the Vikings...that was out of left field. Gruden didn't seem to shocked about it.

    #8. I was hoping my Cowboys would have gotten Prince Amukamara but we'll see about Tyron Smith. Maybe they saw something at the practices we didn't.

    #9. I am now wondering about Da'Quan Bowers...

    #10. I hope everything works out and that we actually have some NFL Football this year. It's my second favorite...College Football being #1 of course :)

    #11. I LOVE football and my FI is so lucky to have someone like me around b/c I will sit with him and watching anything dealing with football. Crazy thing is...we both are fans of rival schools....I'm Auburn and he's Alabama, he is however, a student at AU :)
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