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Guilty Pleasures

What is your guilty pleasure? The one thing you treat yourself with, whether it's once a week or everyday or every month?

Apart from chocolates, mine would have to be Earl Grey Lattes with some Almond in there...amazingggg.

Re: Guilty Pleasures

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    I think mine would be a manicure. In the summer I regularly get pedicures, but manicures not so much. I rarely paint my nails since I hate when they chip. I only usually get them when I have a wedding or event to attend.

    I got one yesterday (a shellac so it should last 2 weeks) and I feel just a little bit fancier today :)
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    Try Gellish or Axium! You'll love them!
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    I use and love Shellac by CND. This is the third time I've done it (once for my shower and engagement pictures the following week) and for the wedding. Both of those times were great.

    I did the Axxium and I really, really hated it. It started peeling and chipping about 5 days in. And it damaged my nails, so never again with the OPI.
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