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Is this too much???

Hey ladies,
My fiance and I had an engagement party in August and invited only our immediate family and bridal party, so that everyone could meet each other, considering we have seperate groups of friends.  Would it be too much to have a couples bridal shower and invite more family and friends not in the bridal party, but then to also have a bachelor and bachelorette party on different days?  The reason we want to do this is to have everyone get to know each other and feel comfortable on our wedding day, but are people going to get annoyed by having to come to 3 different things?  Even if I had a bridal shower with women only, some of them would be coming to 3 things anyways. 

Thoughts or suggestions?

Re: Is this too much???

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    Its not too much in the since of its unheard of but the men might get annoyed by a "couples bridal shower." Will your wedding be so intimate that people need to meet each other several times before attending?

    Its your wedding not theirs. They don't need to be that acquainted to have a good time. Just my thoughts.

    Good luck.

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    For our wedding, we had the following -

    We had a small bridal party - Best Man (DHs brother, out of town), Groomsman (DH friend, in town), Matron of Honor (my friend, in town), Bridesmaid (my friend, out of town)

    Engagement party (very informal) - thrown by friends at their house here in town.  No parents were there.  Only MOH and GM from bridal party were there (they are married to each other and introduced us).

    Bridal shower (women only, informal lunch at a friend's home) - thrown by my college friends out of town.  My relatives, friends, and BM that lived in that area were there.  My mom was there, MIL could not attend.  I was the only person that travelled more than 1 hour.

    Couples shower (pizza party / game night at their house) - thrown by my MOH in town.  In town friends and relatives (ILs were there, my parents could not attend).  No overlap of attendees with the other shower.

    Bach parties - low key and in town.  Only local people attended.

    I included the details to show it is fine that all the people involved don't have to meet or attend everything.  My MOH and BM met at the rehearsal for the first time.

    In my group of friends, couples showers are becoming very common.  They are not "girly" parties with typical shower games - instead think pizza, trivia games, bowling, BBQ, etc. - but since our DHs were involved with all the planning, they enjoyed being part of the pre-parties, too. 
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    It's really up to you, but just don't expect your wedding party to go to all or any of the events. I've learned from TK, that they only need to show up to your wedding.
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