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how long does candy/gum last?

I am putting chocolates and gum in the welcome bags for guests but dont want it to go bad. How long does this stuff last? Id like to start putting this stuff together now so i wont be so busy later

Re: how long does candy/gum last?

  • Usually candy and gum can last a long time. When is your wedding date again ?

  • I wouldn't do it this far in advance.   There'll be at least 2 more big candy day sales (valentine's day and easter) before your wedding in enough time that you can still do it in advance and be sure to do with fresh treats.  
  • 4/24/2013. im in this lull of nothing to do right now, and i need something to do! im bored and FI is working out of town so i try to get as much done as possible. Its just hard not knowing how many people will be coming because i dont want to make too much
  • I would start buying the candy til maybe end of Jan or Feb. I think Feb will be a good time  especially getting the Vday candy it will have love and other cute sayings on it. I say wait til then. You still will have time to make up the bags. What other DIY projects do you have to do that finish up now. Cause if you have nothing, I have pomander balls, ribbon wands, centerpieces, and tears of joy packets that need done. We can have a DIY GTG if you like. Im just a hop, jump, and a skip away !! lol
  • everything i have to DIY involves a head count!! I guess I can start finishing and printing the stuff for the bridal party. We are going to have for a them a contact information sheet with all the vendor info and other BP contact info. a day of Itinerary for the guests, plus a more detailed on for the BP. A reception program thatll be on the seats at the ceremony so people know where to go, how to get there, and what they can do while they wait for reception to start. a bow tie tying guide.

    We are also doing a wedding mad libs to put at the table for the reception

    Instead of a centerpeice im thinking of just doing nice table numbers with scattered rose petals. The centerpeice will be too much to have to transport.

    I keep procrastinating on all the paper projects :-/
  • Valentines day.. well the Day or two AFTER.. would be great.. imo
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  • I agree, I would wait till after Febuary to buy the candy you'll find 50% off everywhere. Also, I've frozen candy I got from half off sales for like after Halloween, I use to be a TA for elementary school and I gave my kids candy when they were good so I would buy it after the big candy holiday such as Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day and it lasted for months.
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