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4/30 Accountability...

Hi Ladies!!!!

As most of you may remember I started weight watchers exactly a week ago today. I had my first weigh in and I LOST 2 LBS!!!!! (YAY!!!)

BREAKFAST: 1 bar Nature Valley Granola Bar Crunchy
MS: Apples and Grapes
L: Went to Gym...
AS: Strawberry Banana Chobani yogurt & 7 almonds
D: Going to the Melting pot with my sister for her bday...


16 mins on the treadmill
30 mins on the Nautilus weight machines (I think I used every machine!!!)
30 mins on the Elliptical

Hope Everyone is having a Fantastic Monday!!!!
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Re: 4/30 Accountability...

  • Congrats on losing 2 lbs! That's awesome!

    Breakfast: Fiber One bar

    Lunch: 1/2 of a Turkey Artichoke panini 
         Garden Vegetable Soup with Pesto

    Exercise: 45 minute walk
    60 kettlebell swings
    65 push ups

    Snack: Greek yogurt

    Dinner: 4 oz ground beef
         1/2 of a tomato
         3 oz ore ida fries

    Snack: Apple
        Small slice of banana bread
  • SwazzleSwazzle New Jersey member
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    Congrats on the loss! 

    I am "off the wagon" again.  Basically, I was away this past weekend & kind of let myself eat whatever I wanted & then to validate this I decided my wedding is 1 year from Friday & that's when I will start to really buckle down.  

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