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How much can I expect to pay for a dj in this area? I am on a budget and trying to divide it up.. any suggestions or recommendations are greatly appreciated :)

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    I'm spending $3,000 on music which includes a string trio for the ceremony and cocktail hour and then a DJ for the reception.  But if you use just a DJ and not a string trio or band it will cost half that.  I believe I got a quote of $1500 for a DJ for ceremony, cocktail and reception.  As far as recommendations go I am using Marc Topaz.  I almost used Enriquez Entertainment.  I decided to go with Marc Topaz because I really wanted live musicians for the ceremony.  If you look through past posts I am sure you'll be able to find tons of recommendations. 
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    Our dj was 2k. You can definitely find some who are cheaper, our dj was just everything we were looking for.
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    depending on what you want - 1500-2000
    you can also try the company The Pros  they are all over the country and can be less expensive

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    we are using dj jay brush and spending about 1000. that includes music for our ceremony a slide show to be played at our cocktail hour and our reception.
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    i used dj bri swatek and paid 1000.  he had everyone dancing from 2 1/2 to 80 all night long.  He is a really nice guy to work with too.
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    As a bride to be and a future wife of a DJ, I have to say my fiance DJ O is great!  Not only does he spin anything you want, WE make sure everything is perfect BEFORE your big day.  With a soon to be bride doing a lot of the pre-wedding DJ work (paper work, song lists, ect) you can rest asure that you have someone on your side who KNOWS how stressfull EVERYTHING can be!!!  With a professional music library of over 100,000 songs, digital DJ equipment, state of the art lighting, wireless mics and more...
    BUT MY ADVICE TO ALL with your DJ face to face, get a list of past couples who hired this DJ for their weddng and CALL them, and be specific about what you are looking for (number of DJ's wanted, lightings, props, songs, ect).  You should feel comfortable with your DJ...its your night let the DJ help you enjoy it to the fullest!
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