Has anyone getting/gotten married near or in the park? I'm looking into different places to get married, the beach and Vegas are not our style. My fiance and I think this would a low-key place, and since 90% of family would have to fly in for the wedding anyways we thought Yellowstone would different.

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    Grand Teton is Way better..check out www.gtlc.com
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    Grand Teton is also probably more expensive.  I have a family friend having a destination wedding in CA somewhere because it's cheaper than getting married at home in Jackson.

    Both are beautiful--have you considered the Big Horns somewhere, like Sheridan?  It's beautiful up there. 
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    We are getting married at Bear Lodge Resort at the top of the Big Horn Mountains!!  I am not even kidding it is the most beautifuly place on earth!!!  ONLY 9 DAYS TO GO!!


    And their prices are fantastic!!
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    I live in Jackson Hole & am getting married there - there are affordable ways to get married in/near Jackson. As far as Yellowstone goes, if you book early enough, there are some really great cabins in West Yellowstone, which may be an easier place to book a block of rooms than inside the park. I wish I could remember the name of the place we stayed at, sorry. You might also look at Gardiner, MT as a place for your guests to stay but I think it has fewer accomodations than W. Yellowstone. I think the national parks don't allow tents/chairs/etc. to be set up, so you'll probably have to go somewhere else for the reception. If you do decide on Grand Teton instead, check out Snow King to book blocks of rooms. They also have condos that some family members can share to cut lodging costs. There are plenty of free places to get married if you just get a permit from the forest service. Hope this helps!
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    My fiance and I are going ot drive out, like my parents and I did this summer, and get married out there! I absolutely fell in love with Wyoming while on our trip... My fiance, Brett has never been and I thought it would be an awesome place to get married. It will only be him and me driving out for the wedding, but I still want all that goes with the wedding... hair makeup flowers photography etc.. I need help finding a planner/ consultant to help me find everything I need! any ideas of any? and any suggestions for places to get married?? personally I loved the tetons and yellowstone!
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    my FI is a sound/lighting tech and does a lot of weddings. He has worked with a coordinator here in Jackson named Elizabeth Kelleher & has nothing but good things to say about her. Here is her contact info.

    P.O. Box 12002
    Jackson Hole, Wyoming 83002
    (307) 734-0672 :: Fax (307) 739-0400
    [email protected]

    this is who I'm using for my photography & she has an elopement special that's very reasonable: www.ashleywilkerson.com

    hope you have a great time!
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