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Summer Maui Weather

Hi all!  I'm new to this board and considering a wedding in Maui in the summer of 2014.  I am just worried that it will be too hot for an outdoor wedding and reception?  Right now we are thinking about doing July at the Olowalu Plantation or Haiku Mill but we wanted to do a morning wedding and brunch reception.  We have only been to Mau in January and March so I have no idea what the weather is like in the summer.  Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!! Thanks!

Re: Summer Maui Weather

  • Maui is beautiful all year long! You can pretty much count on it being in the 80's in the summer.  It is warm, but if you are from Phoenix like it says under your name, it will be cool compared to what you are used to! And if you plan on having a morning wedding, it will be even cooler than 80's, so it would probably be perfect!
  • We had a late afternoon wedding at Olowalu on July 5, 2011.  It was warm, but even being from Alaska we weren't dying.  The men took off their jackets after the ceremony and I was too busy being excited and happy to even think about the heat - I wasn't sweaty or anything.  I have never been to Maui in the winter as we always go in the summer, but I think the summer weather is perfect! 
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  • Thank you guys for your responses :-) Makes me feel more confident doing something in July!
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