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Military Ranks on Escort Cards

Hey all!  I have to say, I'm having trouble finding certain information on military customs, and honestly, most of what I'm finding online is WRONG! :/ So, I thought I'd ask here, since you all are so smart and some of you have been there/done that :)

I'm a Navy Vet ('05-'11), and my fiance is Active Duty Navy (I know, shocking, lol), we're not having a military wedding, but quite a few of our friends are in the military, and my grandfather is retired.  My question is: do we include military ranks on escort cards?  We will be using them on the invitations, does that mean we should include them?  If we do, should we use the more "technical" address because it's shorter and would fit on the cards more easily?

Here's an example of what I mean:

Formal: Petty Officer Second Class Lena R. Parent

Technical: STG2(SW) Lena Parent

For that matter, my brother is also a doctor, do I put "Dr." or "M.D." on his escort card?  I do apologize if this has been brought up before, I did do a search in the forum, but didn't find anything. If there is another thread with the info, would one of you post the link? Thanks!

Re: Military Ranks on Escort Cards

  • Do not put technical ranks, if you do it, use formal ranks. And yes, I would put both ranks and titles, out of respect to those ranks and titles. 
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  • How did you address them on their invitations? That's the title I would use. 

    We had a military wedding, so we used formal ranks for military friends and family. But if we were have a regular wedding, I would have just used, Mr. Mrs. Ms. Miss Dr, etc.
  • If you are not having a military wedding, I wouldn't include ranks.  I would just put their name.  
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    I suggest you just do first and last names and no titles. According to cranes.com, only lieutenant and above have their titles on anyway.
  • If you are planning to write in titles for all of your guests (I.e. Mr., Mrs., etc) you should use the military member's formal rank title. MH is not Mr. Meltoine, he's Capt. Meltoine, same as he'd be Dr. Meltoine if he's earned an MD or Ph.D. For doctors, you just use Dr. in front of the name, not MD (which goes behind the name). It took me forever to find info on this when I got married too. Between all the military members, doctors, and priests on our guest list, we had more people who were something other than that standard Mr./Mrs. than those who weren't.
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