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Just got engaged a week ago!  We haven't set it in stone yet but it will likely be a Friday evening in Jan 2014.  Very excited! 

I have a question though for those of you that live in colder climates like myself (Michigan here)...what are you doing about pictures?  We are looking at a Friday evening and around here by 5:00 its pretty dark out already...ideas?  I mean obviously we could do them inside or before...but is that what we have to do?

Re: New & Questions

  • I am in MI too, and we are doing a friday evening too. We are probably going to do pics before the ceremony. I wanted there to be sunlight because I wanted at least SOME outside. Then after that most of them will be inside our location.
  • I'm afraid I can't help with daylight issues - I'm having a morning ceremony with pictures before my reception.  But my "back-up" plan in case of blizzard will hopefully be a greenhouse of some sort.  That way I get some nature in it, but it is warm enough inside to have nice pictures.  There are also some places in my area with nice indoor spaces that have gardens inside, so that could always be an option as well, but I think they charge quite a bit.  It depends on the place. 

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