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Getting in Shape

Workout plan

I want to start working out and not even to lose weight because I just want to tone up everything!! Ha. Anyone have a workout plan? The gym I'm going to doesnt have a lot but they have ellipticalls and stair steppers and then a weight room. Can anyone help me out? Please?!

Re: Workout plan

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    Hi and welcome!

    "A work out plan" is incredibly vague. We all have our own planned work outs, fitness/health goals, different levels of fitness, specific focuses, etc, 
    For example, as of late, I work out 6 days a week, between 2-4 hours each of those days with it split up as 40%cardio/40%lifting/20% yoga/stretching/meditation

    You want to "tone up everything" but just named two cardio machines. Are you wanting to stick to just cardio, or are you wanting to lift as well? If you don't have a lot of weight to lose, lifting will probably be your best bet on tightening things up. 

    My suggestion would be to lurk through some of the older posts to see what we have said about lifting plans, cardio plans, etc. 
    I also suggest that if you're completely new to lworking out, to pick up a Men's Health, Fitness, Shape, etc magazine. They always have a great, simple work out plan that you can follow to become more familiar with machines, free weights, injury prevention, stretching, etc. 

    Also, keep in mind that your diet is just as important as your gym routine. Most of us food log on free places like My Fitness Pal, Livestrong, Spark People, etc. It helps keep you in line as far as eating too many or too few calories, keeping a good balance between fat/protein/carbs, seeing where you're lacking, etc. 

  • I'm wanting to lose about 5 maybe 10 lbs and tone my pooch I have and would love to lose some in my faceif that makes sense. I just named the machines letting people know what I had to work with not really sure what I should do. I've worked out every once in a great while but nothing steady. I've always wanted to eat better but not really sure what to buy or eat because I don't want to go organic but not really sure what is healthy meal wise. I don't want to be the girl that's all she eats is organic.
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    Organic isn't a magic bullet. You can buy all sorts of "organic" crap like potato chips but that doesn't make them healthy. What do you currently eat? Forgive me but I find it hard to believe that you're "not really sure what is healthy meal wise." You know that you need to eat fruits, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats, yes? The details are up to you.

    Also it sounds like you're just carrying some bloat in your face. Ditching processed junk, balancing your macronutrients (getting sufficient protein and fat), getting hydrated and working out will reduce face bloat.

    As for exercising, do heavy compound lifts (exercises that recruit more than one muscle at a time) and do high-intensity interval training (HIIT) instead of steady state cardio, and move around a lot slowly at a low pace (walking). This + better eating = results.
  • Why don't you want to go organic..? Is that a monetary issue or a personal stance? 
    Why don't want you want to be the girl that eats all organic? I'm sorry.. this comment blows my freakin' mind. 

    ... Stepping away from THAT, eating is tricky for everyone. You need to know your body, and that can take years to perfect.  You won't find a quick fix here, you will find life-style changes for a lasting, healthy existence.
    Most people eat "clean" here, but there are mutliple levels of interpretation regarding what that means.

     I still suggest you hopping on a place like Myfitnesspal.com and joining. It's free, user-friendly, and it has all the different foods you eat right there in it's database. Then you can click what you had for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, post-work out, etc. and see how you're doing calorie-wise to start. It will just make you aware of where you stand nutrtion-wise, and where you should be. (The program will ask you what your weigh, height, activity level, etc and help give you an estimate of how many calories you should be eating per day) 

    I realize you seemed to come here more for work out ideas, but if you don't have a lot to lose, and have a tummy pooch to get rid of, diet will probably help you more than cardio. 
    As far as work outs go, my routine will not work for you in ANY way. But there are a ton of resources out there to help you get started. 

    Here is a 14 day, overall plan if you want to try a bunch of things at once, without having to do any researching of your own:

    Here are a couple great links to beginner strength training:

    Cardio-wise, some ideas: 
    Your basic gym cardio machine work outs:

    Different ideas:
  • I love this post.
  • Alright ladies... I appreciate all these posts and they are helping out more then you think... atleast getting my brain thinking.

    Currently I am a 138 lbs and 5'7". I would love to get down to about 130. 

    I don't have anything against organic eating and maybe it's beccause I'm uneducated but when I think of organic I think of expensive or a little bit more pricey then my budget can fit. So please don't think i'm knocking anybody and how they eat. 

    For what and how I eat... I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I started dating my fiance last march and he always eats breakfast and after we started to date I started to get in the habit of eating breakfast because normally I never have. That has been within the last 6 months that I started eating breakfast on a regular basis. I guess I just want to make sure i'm eating healthy dinners. I eat cereal, most of the time, in the mornings and I've been trying to eat honey nut cheerios, peanut butter toast, or scrambled eggs with a banana in the morning for breakfast. For lunch I usually eat either peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with some fruit, these chicken and tomotato penini things from lean cuisine, or like a ham sandwich or a salad or whatever was left over from last night's dinner. For dinner we normally have like pasta/italian something, a chicken meal, or like meat, potatoes, and a veggie. 

    My biggest thing with how i eat is that even though I eat my 3 meals during the day and have a before bed snack I snack all through the day and it's mainly junk food. I've gotten in the really bad habbit of doing that after I graduated college. 

    I've also been trying to drink more water and way less pop. Some days are better then others. 

    For working out like I said I want to mainly tone up my pooch but I would also love to go running without feeling like i'm going to die or pass out. I used to do the first part of 30 day shred but always fall out of that habit quickly. I think if I had an accountability partner that worked out as well that would help me greatly but no one ever wants to work out with me so maybe I can find one online some where or something. 

    I guess I just want to start eating and living healthier but not exactly sure where to start. 
  • and also... i am really bad at counting calories and don't completley get how to do it
  • Counting calories is certainly a challenge at first. I used to think it was STUPID, and then I realized how beneficial it is.. and how easy websites make it. 
     Those online sites we mentioned do it FOR you. You log in and put in "oatmeal" and it searches. It'll pop up all the different brands of oatmeal with their serving sizes. Bam. You click you ate it and it's logged. Everything done for you. It doesn't just do the easy stuff, either. Type in "healthy Choice chicken" or "Olive garden" for example. It'll give you a list (usually including pictures) of all the types it knows. You can then click that you ate whichever one it was. 
    Here: You don't have to register (even though it's free) to play with it:

    It's difficult to know where to start, but you have done well by bringing yourself here. Join in on the accountability thread each day. It will help you keep yourself on track by seeing what we're all doing, and cheering you on when you say you did something great. It also helps you when you're having a hard day, week, month to realize that you're not the only one struggling. At LEAST one of us is at any given time. 

    Also, I will tell you that between cereal and/or toast in the morning, bread (for your PB&J) in the afternoon, and a pasta dish in the evening.. You're eating a LOT of refined grains. Carbohydrates are great for you, but only if they are in different forms, like apples, broccoli, whole wheat, etc. It can't all come from bread, bread, and more bread. I know that when I get on bread/pasta kicks, my pooch shows. It's where women's bodies generally carry that extra little bit of those types of carbs. 

    I realize this is a lot of information, so good for you for making baby steps like getting better about soda. That little stuff at a time adds up to form long-lasting habits. One of the links I posted gave interval training for the cardio machines like the tredmill and elliptical. That's a great way to start your cardio journey into long runs without dying ;) None of us were born runners, we have all had to work on it. Right now we have ladies training for a full marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k, and just purely running to not die from running. It takes time and effort, but it becomes addicting, especially with the help of this board! 

    Also, You are REALLY close to my size. I'm just under 5'8 and fluctuate between 135-140lb. I'm also at 15% body fat and there is a very slim chance I could get any lower than that. I realize that I will probably never weigh 130. I'm okay with that, because I think I look pretty dang great in a swimsuit. My point is that when you start on this journey, try not to dwell on the scale. As you lose fat, you will also gain muscle. You may not budge on the scale, but could drop in pant size, bra size, shirt size, etc. Focus, instead, on healthy habits and how you FEEL. It makes all the difference :) 
  • Also, I will tell you that between cereal and/or toast in the morning, bread (for your PB&J) in the afternoon, and a pasta dish in the evening.. You're eating a LOT of refined grains. Carbohydrates are great for you, but only if they are in different forms, like apples, broccoli, whole wheat, etc. It can't all come from bread, bread, and more bread. I know that when I get on bread/pasta kicks, my pooch shows. It's where women's bodies generally carry that extra little bit of those types of carbs. 

    So just pick one day but instead of eating cereal or toast, sandwich at lunch and pasta in the evening what would you recommend so i'm not eating so many carbs?
    scrambled eggs?, then what for lunch and maybe a chicken dish for dinner?
  • Eggs are a GREAT change to your morning breakfast, solely because they have a ton of protein, so you will probably end up with more (and longer-lasting) energy than you do with just cereal. 
    If you're on the go a lot, you can hard boil a bunch at once and use them as a grab-and-go item all week long. I used to do that all the time! 

    Other breakfast options: 
    -Oatmeal (or steel cut oats) with cinnamon and flax seeds (and a little brown sugar if you need the sweetnesss. I used to, but now never touch the stuff) 
    -Mashed avocado with tobasco on toast (great fats that will fill you up super fast. Whenever I eat this for breakfast, I end up way too low in my calorie count for the day because I'm just not hungry!) 
    - Grape Nuts (a much better cereal alternative)
    - Egg Muffins. I think it's Stage that encourages these? Basically this: http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/scrambled-egg-muffins
    you can throw anything in them, really, and they make one big batch for your whole week. 
    -Greek Yogurt with cinnamon (or pumpkin puree, or preserves, or honey, or chopped up nuts, etc) killer protein kick,and lots of probiotics if your stomach can handle them (mine can't) 

    BUT if you are thinking about just making one cut, I would say avoid the heavy bread/pasta/grain load at dinner. Think about it.. You eat a bunch of grains (say, pasta for example) and then what? Do you work out? Nope. You sit on the couch and head for bed (at least that's my routine :P ) So did you really need all that? Now it's just going to be weighing down your stomach all night. Think lean and mean for dinner meals. chicken breast with marinara sauce with a side of steamed veggies is a KILLER option for dinner that will leave you feeling full, but not as bloated as pasta would. 
    It doesn't mean you can't have carbs, either! Just think more along the lines of brown rice or sweet potatoes instead of mashed russet potatoes. Keep the palm of your hand as reference to a true serving size of meat, and consider swapping fish some days.

    Bread is not evil, and you can keep your PB&J for lunch if that's your favorite thing. Don't cut everything you do! And you certainly don't have to cut out all grains!  Small changed to form habits, remember :)
    And if you love bread, try looking for words like "sprouted" on the label. Sprouted grains are more nuitrient dense and thus have a lot more to offer you! Brands like Dave's (at Costco), Silver Hills (my favorite, but pricy) 

     I think you have the right mindset, you just seem a little afraid to mess it up. You got this! I'm glad you're so interested and have so many questions. This is a great board for that. There are a lot of brilliant women here from all walks of life. I know it seems like there is this endless amount of information out there (and there is) but you will slowly get the hang of it. I still am back and forth on vitamins, nutrients, foods, etc I think I need or may not need. It's confusing but this board makes it easier :) 
  • I'm loving this thread. I'm looking to start fresh too, and really appreciate all the advice. Starting with baby steps is how I originally started. Using the calorie counter helps you realize what you're actually eating. For example, I loved muffins for breakfast until I saw they were 450+ calories. And, when you only have 1400 calories (or whatever is right for you), that doesn't leave much for other things. I'm a skinny fat person too... 5'8" and a heck of a lot more body fat than Firsttimersluck (and not in the right places, either, like hers is). Cutting out sugar and eating more balanced meals is a great way to start. You definitely have the right idea above... Maybe a reasonable piece of grilled chicken and a salad for lunch, then maybe fish and two veggies for dinner. When I am in a rut, here's what I do: go to the grocery store and buy 1 of every veggie you like (without going overboard) and make yourself eat them before they spoil. Snacks, side dishes, salads, and, before you know it, you will prefer the fresh stuff.
  • Well the rec center of the college I work for opens at 5 so I'm hoping to get into the habit of going and working out at 530 to 630 and then showering and getting ready for my day. I'm gonna do the stair stepper, elliptical, then do some strength with the machines. I gotta figure out a routine with the strength machines but I'll look some stuff up online. Wish me luck!!
  • Should I be eating before and after my workout?
  • If there is a Kosama near you, they are excellent for toning everything up and focusing on proper nutrition.
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