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Adding Flowers to Cake Question!

I'm considering adding flowers cascading down the cake myself. I've read that you cut down & cover the stem and essentially just stick them in. I had assumed flowers were typically added using wire somehow....Won't the stems being so think create large holes in the cake? And result in really ugly slices once the cake is cut??

Re: Adding Flowers to Cake Question!

  • I think you are overthinking this. No one pays attention to what the cake slice looks like. It's so thin I doubt anyone would notice.

    Depending on the flower (some are poisonous), you could wrap the stem in foil or plastic, and use something (like a toothpick) to pre-poke the hole you are putting the flower stem in.
  • I agree with Sue completely.  Definitely wrap the stems and use a toothpick if you're that concerned about holes.
  • Thanks for easing my concerns ladies. I had read some stories about people having too many flowers added to their cake causing the cake slices to fall apart due to all the holes. I think I'm going to keep it simple and just add a couple.
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