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Photographer near lake Geneva

Hi. Trying to find a good but less expensive photographer for my July wedding near lake Geneva, wi. I was looking at Cheryl Jacobs, Jolie images, and complete dj and photo services. Does anyone have any reviews or other ideas? Thanks!

Re: Photographer near lake Geneva

  • i live just over th border in IL im about an hr way from LG my photographer is wounderful i dont know what ur pice range is but for me i was willing to pay for photos her name is MIA and the company name is MIA INK go to MIAINK.com to look at her stuff. she does half day and full days and includes a photo book and i think afew other thing. 1800 i beliveis her half day price and her full day is 2800. she does charge 20 for tax because she is a company or something like that. she might charge a litte more for travel shes located in lake villa IL... 

    option B keep a look out on the knots bridal shows the grand geniva puts on quit a few ive been ivited to 2 already this year...

    option C google lake geniva and on the home page i beive thay have info for wedding venders. 

    option D if you have your venu location already if its not a privet home alot of times thay will have a prefured list of people. sometimes those people will give u a breake for them beig a pefured company/ person, but not everyone does.

    i hope i helped a little ive been looking at venues for a while before i got engaged and we love the lcfp coutural center in north chicago becaouse it was a little close to home for us. good luck and have fun its ur wedding after all Wink
  • i dont recommend jolie.  it was pointed out to me that you are not going to get a quality photographer for that low of a price.  it makes sense considering the price of camera equipment.  

    i am in love with essence.  that's who i booked.  you should see if they are available in your area.  it's family owned and i got to meet with the owner.  your photos are the most important thing, or at least for me they are.  dont short change yourself for cost.  its all your going to have after the day.  talk to mike at essence.  he helped me find a dj too.  
  • What is your price range/budget?  
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