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Ceremony and Vow Ideas

Ceremony Outline & Music help!

We're doing a pretty small ceremony... and now that I am thinking it over in my head, I think I may be missing music? 
I'd need a short processional, and probably just a song for when we do a sand ceremony or something.  This was supposed to be a simple, small thing but now our reception has gone formal.  
What would a simple ceremony look like?  What order does it all go in?
I just want suggestions for ceremony ideas... I am at a loss.

Re: Ceremony Outline & Music help!

  • We had a simple, short ceremony and it included the following aspects:

    Processional song for GMs and BMs
    Processional song for bride
    Welcome and prayer
    First reading (done by my aunt)
    Second reading (done by H's aunt)
    Officiant's message (my uncle officiated and gave a short message about marriage and us as a couple)
    Wine box ceremony (with song playing in background)
    Declaration of intent ("I do's")
    Exchange of marriage vows and rings
    Declaration of marriage (and kiss)
    Processional song

  • Ours was similar to pp, with a few exceptions. We didn't have anyone do any readings and we did a unity candle (which the mom's lit prior to everything starting)
  • you can still do a simple ceremony and formal reception.  Have music for your processional. Either have everyone walk to one song, or you can have different songs for each group (we have one for seating of family; one for wedding party and one for bride).  You can include a song for the unity candle if you would like.  You do not need to have readings, but they are nice.  I've been to weddings with 10/15 min ceremonies; and I've been to ceremonies with a full mass that take over an hour.  Its up to you.  Have a song for the recessional and you are done.

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