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What are some good non traditional instrumental songs to walk down the isle?

What are you walking down the isle to? Or what are some of your favorite processional songs? I have a few in mind, but they don't seem perfect, they're either too unique, like Stevie Nicks and Don Henley's "Leather and Lace", or Edwina Hayes "feels like home" makes me teary eyed. Or there's "A thousand Years" cover song by The Piano Guys, which is nice too, but none of these seem perfect. I have 6 months, so there's plenty of time, but I'd love to hear your ideas.

I feel like these songs may suit my outdoor wedding, but i feel like there's a better song out there to walk down the isle. My wedding is all outdoors in September.

Thanks :)

Re: What are some good non traditional instrumental songs to walk down the isle?

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    All of those songs are lovely choices.   Don't stress over finding the "perfect" song.  I promise you will barely hear the music when you are walking down the aisle.  Also you are likely to be teary-eyed anyway so just make sure to have on waterproof mascara.  ;-)

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  • We are using the piano version of the "Theme from Forrest Gump". I was taken aback when my fiancee mentioned it, but it is really beautiful.
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  • We are walking down the aisle together (hand in hand) to "Simple Gifts," the Shaker dance song composed in the 1800s by a Shaker elder and often best known as the inspiration for Aaron Copeland's "Appalacian Spring."  (I think I spelled that wrong, sorry)  It is being played by a hammered dulcimer player.  We're using a mix of folk music (American and Celtic) and Baroque German music for our ceremony, including recessional and processional.  This is in part to reflect the spirit of the venue (Garden Sunset ceremony) and partly in homage to our heritages (we are part German, part Irish, part Scottish, part French-Canadian - and both Americans.)  We're also having a Jump the Broom and The Apache Wedding Blessing (because we are also part African American and part Native American.)

  • There's an instrumental cover of A Thousand Years by Christina Perry. I heard it, and I knew instantly that this was going to be the song I walked down the aisle, to. Also, because it's so long, even your bridal party could walk down the aisle to it.

    Here's a link:

  • Second wedding we are all walking down the isle to What a wonderful world! We're having a short ceremony by jop.
  • I am walking down the aisle to Storybook Love - the theme from the Princess Bride.. FYI - it was not my idea; someone else posted it here and I knew I HAD to do it!
  • Pretty Donna by Collective Soul is GORGEOUS. I never knew they had an instrumental song. That's what my WP is entering to.
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