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Got our photos back last week....

And we are pretty disappointed to say the least. The photos from the ceremony and everything before are pretty good. The reception is where they start to get sh*tty.

All of the photos look like they were edited by a rave loving teenager. Everything is blurry and he did some weird effects with the lights. They basically look awful. I emailed him to let him know we chose our favorites, and also to make him aware of something I thought effected our selections of photos. There was ZERO of any of our guests and family during the reception. The only photos we got were of people dancing. Anyways back to my point----part of our package was to have his assistant shooting also. She seemed nice enough and I didn't really pay attention to her. We get back to the hotel room and one of our friends was standing in the hall banging on a door. We went over to investigate (it was his room) and apparently the other friend he was sharing the room with was in there and refusing to let him in. I started banging on the door and let him know he needed to open up. After about ten minutes he came and opened the door and we walked in.

On the bed was the assistant "sarah"............I was pretty shocked and didn't really say anything because I felt super awkward. I never mentioned it to the photographer because it didn't really seem like any of my business at the time. Once I saw the lack of photos from the reception I was PISSSSSSSED. My thoughts now are that she was too busy hanging out with this guy and wasn't shooting like she was supposed to. When I emailed our photographer I let him know what happened, and how unprofessional I thought it was......does she go home with a guest from every wedding? Anyways it took him a whole week to get back to me and this was his response:
I do appreciate the concern regarding Sara.  Thank you for being honest about it.  I’ve spent a decent amount of time looking through everything and found she did cover exactly the number of images that I expect from my 2nd photographers during every segment of your event.  Most, if not all, of the later dancing photos at each wedding are taken by me because I am the tallest and can get the higher angles.  Mingling with guests and creating active social bonds is encouraged among my team.  What my photographers do outside the event is their business as long as it is legal.  This is mainly because they are no longer exercising their profession off the clock and are free to be themselves.  I’ve attended many after-parties when guests have invited me to hang out after weddings.  As I understand, Sara was accepting a similar invite and appreciated the social company of several guests, some of whom happened to be attractive men.  While Sara has apparently done nothing wrong, I completely relate to your position as I have misunderstood the behavior of others in the past.  Please do let me know if there was anyone emotionally or physically damaged in any way due to her interaction with your guests.


Re: Got our photos back last week....

  • That is not cool, but I don't know legally what you can do.  Have you spoken to a lawyer?  Maybe you could find someone to speak to about contractual obligation and if yours was or was not met.  If you, for example, had given them a 'must shoot' list and the images you requested were not provided (and I do not mean you did not like the way they shot or edited them, I mean they were not included at all, even blurry or weirdly done)...maybe this makes your contract in violation and therefore some recourse such as breach of contract non-payment clause blah blah. (I'm not a lawyer.)

    Good luck,
  • I agree with Ella. While this doesn't sound illegal, it is definitely shady. I would curtly and in a professional manner, of course, let said photographer that they will never be hired by you for any event ever again. Because I'm sure he knows that what he said was total poop, the fact that he waited so long to respond to you proves it. It WAS one of the most important days of your life, and you deserved to have your wedding catered to in the most professional manner possible.
    I'm sorry that your experience was so sucky. Maybe you could ask your friends and family to tag you in the photos they took on facebook? Sometimes, I think digital photos turn out better than some photographers. (Sadly.)
  • I would contact your venue (especially if they are anyone else in the business recommended that photographer) and make them aware of the situation.  Once you have all your photos/albums and are done doing business with this man post negative reviews on places like
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    I agree with writing reviews. You can be saving someone else the heartache.

    I know how you feel regarding photos. My photographer's camera somehow did not take most of our reception pics missing the speeches, cake cutting bouquet toss ets. Fortunately we had a 2nd photographer and our family/friends photos but I did write a less than stellar review for that company.

  • oh wow. I'm sorry you had to go through this! Sounds like a total headache. I second what PP have said about writing negative reviews for the vendor online. Hope you get it figured out!

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  • Well as for the part about her business after and off the clock....guess thats to be left where it stands.....them photos though....did you have a "MUST-SHOOT"list?.....because if so UMM court anyone?????
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  • There's not much you can do... Just post an honest review.
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  • Uggh, this drives me crazy and yet makes me so thankful for my photographer.  I did a lot of research before booking mine. I was about to go with one who I loved the work on his website but when I looked at him on the Better Business Bureau there was nothing but complaints. There are several threads on these forums with mixed reviews about brides complaining about him but that was a few years ago. So I reached out to a few and I was informed he usually double/triple books his weddings then hires photographers off Craigslist to cover those weddings...So happy I dodged that bullet!!! 

    So I reached out to a girlfriend who got married last year and she recommended her photographer. I met with him and he had no hesitation of giving me contact information for recent couples or show me full weddings so I know what to expect. 

    So my question to you is this: Did you see a full wedding from your photographer or did he just showed you his "best of" and a couple of albums? If he did show you full weddings, were the reception pictures like the ones he took at your wedding or was it more like you were expecting? 

    I am not sure if you have full legal course of action. Definitely reach out to the BBB first and launch a formal complaint. I would not talk negatively about him on any public forum yet. If the BBB doesn't get you far then you can always take him to small claims court. These courts are generally in our favor. Leave out the portion of the assistant shacking up with guests...that had nothing to do with the quality of the photography if it happened after your wedding. If you want I can reach out to my photographer and see if he can recommend anything else or how to fix your pictures. He is really good at Photoshop. 

  • Like everyone else has said, there's not too much to do about it Undecided But that whole experience is terrible. Maybe try asking your guests for any reception pictures they may have taken, at least to compensate for the poor editing quality. 
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