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Whatever you do, DON'T use Alon David Photogrpahy!!


Whatever you do, don't use this guy for your wedding photos!!!! Everyone needs to be aware of how un
professionally he conducts business! 

He will hold your photos ransom and expects you to pay him even more money then you already have in order to get the pictures. 

He did not do my wedding photos thank god,  but recently did a family photo shoot with my family and myself and it was a disaster. Please read and save yourself from this happening to you. Exspecially with it being your wedding and the only pictures you will have to remember the day forever with. Thanksully mine experience was only a family photo shoot and we can get them redone with someone else, but you can't redue your wedding day!!!

I bought this deal from Living Social for $59 that gave us a one hour photo session and 25 photos as a gift for my parents 60th birthday. The fine print stated that we could have up to 6 people in the photo shoot. Since we are a family of 9 with three little ones (ages 9 months – 5 yrs) we asked if this was ok. He stated that we would need to pay an additional $70 for the 3 children which we were fine with. So once at the photo shoot we paid him the additional money for the added children. The photo shoot went just fine and after just 45 mins of shooting we were done. We knew the photo shoot was suppose to last an hour but felt that he got enough photos of us that we were ok ending it early. We parted ways with the understanding that he would touch up 25 of the best shots and then send them our way. The next day we received an email from him saying “ He thought he should have charged us more money and that he would not release our photos unless we paid him more”. WOW we could not believe he had said this. If this is how he felt, why didn’t he express it to us at the photo shoot when we gave him the extra money? We tried to communicate with him via email but his emails just got nastier and nastier in nature. He even told us that he would only give us the first 25 photos taken of the whole session which were primarily photos to determine if the light was good!! We decided that he was being completely unreasonable and asked for a refund. He then got even angrier and even allowed his wife to get on the email chain and continue to be rude to my family. After many attempts of trying to ask for the 25 photos that we were promised we decided a refund would be better, since we did not know if he would even send us quality photos. He agreed to a refund and we have worked it out with Living Social to get a full refund. Living Social was great in helping us and also let us know that they would be reporting him because of his offensive and unprofessional behavior. They too do not want to work with businesses that treat their clients with such disrespect. It is so sad that we had to deal with this experience and ruin my parent’s 60th birthday. I feel it is my job to report this to everyone so that they do not have the same experience. I can only imagine if this was my wedding and he was refusing to give me my wedding photos!!! His  job as a photographer is to create lasting memories with his photos and in this case he created a lasting memory of disappointment for  my family.Please anyone who is reading this take into consideration that this is how he conducts business. There are so many other photographers in San Diego who act in a much more professional manner and will make sure you have a great experience with them. Just read the comments he leaves on other Yelpers who don’t give him a standing ovation. You can see his true colors in them. I am sure he will comment back on this review as well and say how I am lying about everything. All I say to that is, I have emails to show who is right.

Re: Whatever you do, DON'T use Alon David Photogrpahy!!

  • Lets see the emails... I just had a shoot with this guy; having 2nd thoughts.
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    [QUOTE]Lets see the emails... I just had a shoot with this guy; having 2nd thoughts.
    Posted by Lilygp[/QUOTE]

    I don't know how to attch them here on this community board, but if you want to give me your email I can send them your way so you can see how this guy really conducts his business.
    Just be very careful with him and make sure you get everything in a contract, Thankfully mine experience was only a family photo shoot which we can do anytime, but a wedding is not the same.
    I have already booked to take new family photos with a professional, not some guy off Groupon like Alon David.
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    I'm pretty sure I read about this guy on Yelp. A bunch of people hired him through groupon and he didn't mention that the pictures they would get were 25 "random" pics, rather than the best one. The main problem was his responses: totally immature and weird. Even his responses to the Yelp comments were weird. Unless I'm thinking of someone else.


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