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Fantasy Friday...well saturday

Hey Ladies... sorry a day late..

Going back to the basics...

UNLIMITED BUDGET.....what food would you choose for your reception....SKIES THE LIMIT!!!

LIKE I would want for dessert my own lil bakery set up solo when everyone arrives at the reception site.. they can choose what dessert they would want.. and it would be totally individualized.....
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Re: Fantasy Friday...well saturday

  • Well i think i would have to choose a star chef to come and cook for everyone... Example: Have Paula Deen come and be my caterer as well as my baker.. Id have her make me a desert table with all types of cake, pies, peach cobbler and her famous pecan pies MMMMM im getting hungry just thinking about it LOL

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    Daisypath - MFL5

  • I'd hire the chef(s) from one of the top restaurants in the US and have them prepare the food for the rehearsal dinner and all the meals for the wedding day.   The Dude and I would have our own special meal separate from the guests meal.   The wedding cake would be made by Cynthia Weinstock and the take home cupcakes would be made by the owners of Georgetown Cupcakes (their show is on TLC - DC Cupcakes). 

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  • I would invite all the people that I wanted to invite so i wouldnt have to worry about guest list drama and I would have my wedding at this one hotel I really like the epic and I am gonna borrow from tira I think having Paula dean cook pre diabetes lol would be heavenly :D and each persons would have a cupcake for a escort card..and I would have a bunch of flowers everywhere and I would have an after party after the reception and i would want freddie Jackson to sing at my wedding I'm a young old head lol

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
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