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How to write out invitations

Freak out mode! LOL

Did you handwrite using your normal handwriting, or attempt to do calligraphy yourself?

Or did you just give up and print out labels.

or were you one of the lucky ones who could afford to hire a calligrapher? LOL

I know etiquette says "NOOO" to labels but all my friends just keep telling me I should just do it on labels and avoid the hassle...

Re: How to write out invitations

  • Use your own handwriting, calligraphy is not an easy skill to master. If you really don't want to do that then running them through the printer is the only other acceptable (IMO) thing to do.
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  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    If your envelopes are white, use a black Sharpie and trace over the lines on a larger index card.  Insert that card into your envelope to use as a guide for keeping straight lines.  When writing out the invitations, use a nice permanent marker, such as a finepoint Sharpie pen or Elegant Writer, which is what we used.

    Use your normal handwriting.
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    We found a calligrapher who did nice work. She was only 1 envelope. I paid about 80 and it was well worth it. Have you checked around for pricing? ETA: If we didn't use the calligrapher, we would've handwritten them. I hate labels on formal correspondence.
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    I really didn't want to write out 89 envelopes (with return address) so I found a very reasonable calligrapher ($1 for the address, $0.50 for the return address) and went that route. 

    If the calligrapher hadn't fit into our budget, I would have handwritten all of the addresses. I do not like labels. 

    ETA: I think Joan and I used the same calligrapher :)

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    Hand-addressing the invites isn't really that bad. I did about 20 a day (not all at once).

    I liked the personal touch and remembering each of my guests as I wrote their names and addresses.

  • We can't afford a calligrapher, so I plan on handwriting.  To make it a little nicer, I'm planning on doing cursive (I usually print).  Since I haven't really written in cursive since elementary school, I've been practicing my cursive.  Don't laugh at me, but I got out a piece of notebook paper and started writing out some of our guests' names and addresses, just for practice and to make sure it looks nice.  It doesn't look half bad.
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  • My sister and I both have very nice handwriting, so we just addressed them in our normal handwriting.

    Even if you have bad handwriting, you can still go slowly and do 5-10 at a time so that they look nice.  Otherwise, printing in a nice font directly on the envelope is becoming a more accepted alternative.  I would avoid labels, though.
  • You can probably do some of the simplier calligraphy fonts if you practice - I'm self taught, but it took quite some time. If you choose to try calligraphy, I'd suggest reading about it (there is a certain way you should write the "o," for example), buying a calligraphy pen and practicing. Othewise just write neatly :)
  • I am going to come up with my own "more simple" form of calligraphy. I hope nobody sideeyes me! LOL..
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