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Invitation help!!

Ok I am at a loss for what to do on my wedding invitation. I think I hit every catagory. Ready?

This is my second marriage. I still have my last name.
And my fiancee does not want it on the invitation at all.
Also my parents are divorced.
My dad is remarried.
My mom is single.
My fiancees dad is a widow.

How do I write this?
Also I do not want together with their families. I feel its tacky if they are all paying for it. HELP please =)

Re: Invitation help!!

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    1. Your FI needs to get over his issues your last name. It's your last name, so he needs to put on his big boy pants and realize your AREN'T married to ex-H and ARE marrying FI for a reason.
    2. Everyone will tell you to put "Together with their families"

    Okay, so that being said this wording is not not not correct from a traditional etiquette standpoint. I had a similar situation to you, and this is what we did

    Madie Grace Smith
    John Steven Jones

    Together with their families
    Ms. Madie's Mom
    Mr and Mrs Madie's Dad (yes you must include dad's spouse)
    Mr FI's Dad

    Request the pleasure of your company
    as they are united in marriage

    Saturday, the fifteenth of March
    Two thousand fourteen
    Six o'clock

    XYZ Venue
    Anytown, USA

  • Well, that is your last name, so your FI is going to have to stop acting childish and accept that it will be used on the invitations. There is nothing tacky avout using together with their families.

    I was reading on here that you dont' have to put your last name. Just middle and first. 

    I see where he is coming from with the last name thing, if I was in his shoes I'd be a little not happy with your ex's name on the wedding invite. Childish yeah, but still doesn't sit well. I would just do what ever you are comfortable with. If you can live without it then maybe give this to him. It's his day too and maybe he doesn't want your ex having even that little bit in there. Unless he passed while y'all were married it doesn't have any significance anymore right? 
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