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Catholic Weddings

Catholic Wedding Mass Program (Missal)

I just wanted to share the program (basically a missal) for our upcoming wedding Mass. I pulled bits and pieces from a variety of different sources, but I know that I really would have appreciated having a resource like this from the beginning. So - to those of you wanting to make a detailed program (esp. for non-Catholics attending) please feel free to use this a template!

Good luck!

Re: Catholic Wedding Mass Program (Missal)

  • That's awesome!  Thanks!

  • So did you pay royalties for including the music settings and lyrics? or did the church have an annual license it fell under?

    The thing about putting too much of the dialogue in the programs is that its copyrighted for the roman missal. I really like helping people participate, and really like it when its all in one place like that though.

    One couple I played for put every single word spoken by the priest and people, including music notes and lyrics in the program. People were buried in the program because they didn't want to lose their place.
  • I like that you gave them lots of information, but personally I think it's slightly too much.  As Agape said, people will read along rather than follow what's going on.  It's a very nice layout though.
  • Oh and you have a grammar error, just in case this is a rough draft.  

    At the section that references going up to receive a blessing instead of communion, I think you meant to state, "as YOU approach the minister" not "as YOUR approach the minister."

    Also I would be consistent in using priest or minister.  Catholics rarely refer to priests as ministers.
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