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Anybody had a wedding with electra cruises?

So, our wedding is August 10th 2013. I'm planning it from utah, with a little help from my family in california. I'm sitting here staring at the vendor list... I don't know where to start. I already booked cinderella cakes. Who would you suggest vendor wise? who would you not suggest?

Re: Anybody had a wedding with electra cruises?

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    I have never been on an Electra Cruises wedding. Yelp reviews are going to be your best friend since you are planning from Utah. I found some great reviews and some not so great reviews.

    Do you have to use vendors from their list or can you use anyone? What types of vendors are you looking for specifically? I don't want to recommend a photographer when you are looking for hair and makeup!


  • I would highly recommend DJ Von and Richard Horton.  Both are fantastic.  Jerry Kelly is on Facebook under Jerry Kelly Photo and Video, his page has tons of Electra photos.  I'm getting married on the Destiny and have attended a wedding on the Newport Princess.

    Best wishes.
  • Electra cruises allows you to use your own vendors, but what is great about utilizing their vendors is that they have all worked together several times.  This makes for a very smooth event as they have done it 100's of times and know what to do, and when to do it.  Congrats!!
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