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Uplighting DIY?

I reealllly want uplighting for my reception, but my budget doesn't allow me to spend the massive amount of money to rent them out. Is it possible to DIY?? I'm sure there's a way but the creative-wheels aren't spinning in my head.. lol. 

Re: Uplighting DIY?

  • You could maybe get something like this:

    It's a small spotlight from home depot. You can make a tissue paper diffuser to change the color, and then angle it up against the wall.

    I'm not sure it would be strong enough? And if you want to uplight the entire room it's probably not cheaper to buy/DIY your own...
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    Good idea PP, but a 6 LED light is not going to light up a very large section.

    If you can find these clip lights at your local hardware store and put in the highest watt bulb that the light allows, you could get a decent amount of uplight without the $75 price tag of these. I tried to find just the cheap versions of these clip lights online, but didn't have a lot of luck. Your local hardware store is very likely to have them though.

    The you can order colored gel from any online theatre lighting supply for fairly cheap as well. Or go to your local high school/college theatre and see if they have any they are looking to get rid of.

    (this is just an example of the light fixture in a super fancy version that already comes with the gel. Best pic of one I could find)

    ETA - that link is actually for a pack of 4, so that's actually not a bad price.

    ETAA - I found the clip lights at Lowes. They take a 150 watt bulb, which will def be bright enough to light up around a 3-5 foot section of wall.  Clicky
  • thanks for the posts! I actually found a company that allows you to rent their up lighting for $20 a light! and they are so simple to use. They ship them to you and you ship them back!  i'm so excited to try them!! That just seems so much easier than buying all the stuff and putting it together! 
  • I want to do the uplighting too but can't spend alot of money. I thought about having a lot of candles and string lights. My "wonder" is...the room for the reception is in a church and they usually don't have mood lighting. If I have candles and lights, would they show with out turning out the room lights?? Anyone experienced this??
  • I used a local Chicago compay for my uplighting. It came out to be about $25 a light with setup and take down. I posted a link to their website below.
  • I'm a Baltimore bride and actually started a company called RENT MY WEDDING about a year ago just for this! 

    We rent uplighting for $19/each, as well as gobo monogram lights and other items.  Price includes FREE delivery and return pickup.  It takes less than a minute to set up each light, and you can do any shade of any color. 

    Here's a photo from one of our recent clients. She set up 15 lights in about 30 minutes.

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