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I am 2 months out from my wedding day and I need some suggestions please! I am trying to decide on some music ideas but I really have no idea what to do so I was hoping you guys could help me

 Wedding is outside and very non traditional!.. I'm walking down the isle to "Makeyou feel my love" So ideas that aren't traditional are great! :)

1. Songs ideas for the bridal party to walk into
2. the song that we walk out to after we've been married!.. we can't come up with anything we Love..

 thank you in advance


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    My bridal party came in to the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun," and our recessional was "Star Wars: Throne Room." 
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    We are using Storybook Love for the entire wedding party (including bride and groom)  for our processional (walk in) and Rainbow Connection for our recessional (walk out).  

    Your recessional should be a celebratory song....from a genre of your choice.  Friends of mine used a heavy metal remix of Pachelbel's Canon.   Others's used Let's get this party Started by the Black Eyed Peas.  In each case, they picked something that was very them. 
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    Have you checked out They have great suggestions for music that I had never considered before. 
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    Someone I know played "Say Hey (I Love You) for their recessional and I loved it!
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