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Bridal Shopping in NJ/NY


Jersey Brides, any recommendations for sari stores you liked? I'm looking for a red sari for my wedding and chania cholis for my reception and an event the night before. I'd love to hear about stores in Edison, Jackson Heights, or elsewhere in NJ or NYC where any of you found nice outfits or have heard good things about. Any tips about your experience with alterations or getting blouses stitched would be very helpful too.


Re: Bridal Shopping in NJ/NY

  • Edison is a great place to shop. However, it's best to go there on a weekday when there are less crowds. Also, be prepared to go early in the day, because sometimes the tailors get busy, and same-day alterations might not be possible. Sometimes I think the shopkeepers offer to ship the items your purchased to your address, but I'm a little wary of doing this.

    There is a church that you can get free parking at (I think it's for like 5 hours). I've heard a lot of people get their wedding outfits at Sheetal.

    You may find this site helpful: http://www.oaktreeroad.org/index.php

    In terms of getting the blouses stitched and so on, if you have one that fits you and you like it, take it with you, so they can use that as a guide.

    When taking a break from shopping, make sure you try the paratha's from here:


    They are soooo good, and really affordable. Happy shopping!!!:-)...

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  • I posted this separately also, but check out www.classicsilks.com (online store, but you could see the sarees in person in NJ):

    Hi! I just wanted to recommend www.classicsilks.com for sarees and other Indian fabrics.  Full disclosure: this is my mom's business.  But that doesn't take away from the fact that it's a fantastic resource for high-quality sarees.  The site carries mostly South Indian silks and is great for traditional bridal sarees.  It's an amazing and carefully curated collection.  I'm very picky about my Indian clothes and I rarely shop in the Indian stores in the States because you have to wade through so much junk and they're ridiculously overpriced.  But in this case the buyers have already whittled it down to the best ones.  While Classic Silks specializes in South Indian (kanjeevaram) silks, I have over the years seen my mom source grooms' and groomsmen's outfits and bridesmaids' lehengas for her customers as well.  Also, check out the shawls (pashmina with Indian border).  They would make great bridesmaids' gifts!

    This is an online store, but it's also possible to go look at the sarees in person in NJ.  I know that I personally don't usually like to buy Indian clothes online because the sites sometimes look dubious.  So I thought I would mention this completely legitimate (US-based) and terrific website to help others as you all go through your wedding planning.  Please don't take this as an advertisement.  I really am writing it as a personal tip!  Good luck with the planning!

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