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Where my ladies at?

Everyone's week must be just as crazy as mine! You're all MIA.

I've had a ton of meetings to jam things in before the end of the month, so life's been hectic.

I found my florist this week, which makes me happy. My FFIL grows dahlias competitively, so she's going to cut the flowers from his garden and arrange them for the wedding. She's also a friend of my Mother's, so it's going tobe way cheaper than I was expecting!


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Re: Where my ladies at?

  • tlc35tlc35 member
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    Yeah, I have been really busy at work this week.  Today is 1 month till the wedding!  So close it is crazy. I am in clinic this AM.  The weather is warming up so the kids are breaking things more!
  • One month Yowzaas!!!!! So excited for you!!

    I love daliahs Angel, I'm sure they will be gorgeous!
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  • Daliahs are amazing!! That's awesome that they are helping you out with the flowers!

    Kind of MIA, I went from working 40 hours per week(and being on the knot for about the same time) to being a Stay at Home Mother. We had a layoff a few weeks ago and I was one of the unfortunate ones :( Thankfully, my father is helping us out with the rest of the wedding <3
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  • I'm here, just having a non-awesome week and pouting like a 3 year old about it.  My H says I've got a good pout though, cracks him every time.

    Angel, that is so cool your FFIL grows Dahlias!  I love them.  Your arrangements will be gorgous!
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  • tlc35tlc35 member
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    Sucks about getting laid off.  At least you get to spend time with those adorable babies!
  • I'm very excited about our flowers, especially since they won't cost a ton. I love going over to his place in the fall, his backyard is literally rows of dahlias! He planted over 600 last year. A least all the broken bones will keep you in a job TLC! Sorry you're having a crappy week Pele! Maybe do something to pull you out of it? When I have a week like that I splurge on a good bottle of red wine and a massage!


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  • I've been MIA a lot because of my new position at work. I used to have a lot of free time to Knot at work, but not so much anymore. I now have all these projects to work on to fill up my time. It's good in a way, but I also miss coming here. 

    Angel, I now have super jealous flower envy! I fell in love with dahlia's after we had already set a date, and learned that the end of July was too early for them. I was very disappointed we couldn't have them! Do you have an idea of the colors or types that you want? There are so many varieties, all of them stunning.

    Tlc, your date is so close! Eek!

    I am exhausted today but am I pretty sure I'll be at work for at least 12 hours because of press day. blahhhhhhh Frown

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  • Buzz, I'll AW some dahlia pictures for you when I'm TK from home one day. Right now the only guidelines we've given the florist is red and yellow with some white. FFIL grows about 100 different varieties, so she gets free reign within our colour scheme. I'm hoping for some mini ball types for the boutineers and dinner plate size for my bouquet. Dahlias are the main motivating factor in choosing a September date! :-)


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