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Hi everyone, 

Please help me find a good location for wedding photoshoot.  My wedding is in Bensalem, so would love to have pictures taken somewhere close. 
Don't want just a simple park.  would like some beautiful buildings/sculptures in the background.  Looking for up o 1/2 hr drive from NE Philly and Bensalem.

I know Bucks county Community college has nice garden, but my bff just did hers there last year, so I don't want to be a copy-cat. Bryn Athens prices are insane.  
I don't mind paying a little but not over $400.

Our last resort is Philly downtown or Hamilton Grounds for scupture.  Would love to get some more choices if possible.


Re: Wedding Location - NE/Bucks country Area

  • Our wedding ceremony is in NE Philly and the reception is in Bensalem. Nazareth Academy (Frankford and Grant Aves) has beautiful grounds with trees, small creek, gazebo, old gray stone steps leading to second level of grass and a stone building in the background. I think they charge a "donation" of $150 to use the grounds, but my sister and a close friend both did pictures there and they turned out great.
  • we did go to check out Nazareth Academy last weekend per suggestion on my co-worker and didn't really see anything worth the time. 
    Maybe we didn't drive far enough,  Are you talking about the high school that is there?
  • I was actually wondering the same thing as we are getting married in NE Philly. Someone told us to go to Bryn Athen college. I'm also looking for other suggestions!
  • ISisters of the Blessed Sacrament is in Bensalem

    Location looks lovely - fee is $150.00

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    [QUOTE]I was actually wondering the same thing as we are getting married in NE Philly. Someone told us to go to Bryn Athen college. I'm also looking for other suggestions!
    Posted by JerseyJolene[/QUOTE]
  • The area I was talking about is right in front of the high school down a set of stone stairs. Not everyone loves gazebos but if you do, they have a pretty one. There is some walking required to get out to the part of the grass and trees that would be good for pictures, but if it isn't for you, I hear Bryn Athen is also really pretty.
  • Have you checked out Andalusia Mansion?

  • Yes, I did inquire about  Andalusia Mansion.  Unfortunatelly, they require to have a wedding there in order to take pictures.

    bryn athens is very beautiful and convenient, unfortunatelly museum is way too expensive and mansion has wedding the same day , requiring us to be done too early in the afternoon.  College is cheaper but there is not much there other than outside 1 building. Seems too much for what you get ($125/hr)

    I will check out ISisters of the Blessed Sacrament is in Bensalem.  Is there more to it than the church?

    Thanks for all the comments everyone... Never realized how difficult this might be.
  • morris arboreum is beautiful!  its about 35 mins from northeast and cost $16 each to enter. Core Creek is pretty and so is Tyler State park! Neshaminy State park has a GREAT view of center city from the river!! would make for some awesome pictures with it in the background.
    Ringing rocks is a fun place to go to also they have a waterfall there. Its about 45 mins from northeast philly. I was there in the late fall and it was so pretty i could only imagine it in the spring/ summer
    another place with waterfalls but is about 2 hrs is rickets glenn!!
    Id love to i know where you decide beause were in the process of loking for a place as well. Keep me posted ;) good luck!
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