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Good morning.

Im up once again with Thor. He loves waking me up before 6am. Im kinda getting use to it. & my FI woke me up yelling about the explosion in Texas today. So crazy.

Its gunna be almost 80 degrees today! I plan on driving around with my sunroof open & applying for jobs, then coming home and sitting outside. We have to go to a birthday party for our niece (she is turning 8) and our nephew (he is turning 7) later today. I cannot wait for them to see what we got them. Honestly, its nothing special. We have 1 nephew & 3 nieces under the age of 10years old, so whenever we have to buy them gifts, I go to the local Dollar Tree (everything is $1!) & just fill bags with all this random, cool stuff. I spent $20 and got them both big bags of stuff...squirt guns, finger skateboards, puzzles, whoopie cusions, & tons of other stuff. I just dont see the point in spending tons of money on toys for kids when they are either going to break them or lose them. Once they turn 10, we start investing a little more money in gifts for them.

Sorry for the randomness, its early.
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Re: Thursday

  • That sounds like so much fun!

    Lucky, I am wearing my coat right now. our boss likes the office at 60 degrees though. its still like 30 outside but I am a baby too. I hate the cold.

    I am super tired this morning, I don't know what is wrong with me.
    I haven't really been stressed about the wedding but now that is is pretty much 2 months away i think it hit me how close it really is. and now I feel like i have a ton of stuff to do even though I feel like I am way ahead. but now I don't sleep.
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  • I had a crappy night sleep too. Yesterday was one of those days where everything went wrong, so I think the residual stress carried into my sleep. Our washing machine started leaking, I burned myself cooking dinner, dinner was bland, etc. So I gave up and went to bed. Hopefully today will be better! Taking one of my clients to a public pool for the first time, I really hope he likes it. With kids with autism there's so many unknown variables.


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  • I think the rest of my work day will be busy so this is most likely a "post and run."

    H made us dinner last night, which is awesome. It turned out really tasty too and there's a ton of leftovers so I don't even have to cook tonight either. Triple win!

    Apple, our office is always freezing too, no matter what temperature it is outside.

    Angel, sorry your dinner was bland and you burned yourself! What did you make? 

    Sierra, enjoy your time outside today. I'm really looking forward to spending time out on deck as the weather warms up. Maybe I'll read a book out on it this weekend while enjoying  a glass of wine :) 

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  • Wow, looks like we all are having the Thursday 'blahs'.

    I woke up early too, and tried to pass the time with the internet, only to find that it was down.  After messing with the router, I gave up.  Once my husband finally wakes up, he just opens his laptop, and magically the internet works for him. -_-. 

    My new shoes that I bought yesterday (Dansko) are going back to the store because I can't get over the guilt of their cost, and they don't quite fit right.  The entire reason I bought them was for my back, so back they go if they aren't 1000% comfy.
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:17Discussion:594d314d-f2f0-4b46-8077-33b415b34df3Post:8414420f-797c-43d6-9e57-b00690f7029f">Re: Thursday</a>:
    [QUOTE]I have some news to shake up the blahs!!  This has been a VERY good month for me.  Two of my ideas for designs is being picked up by a graphic designer-centric clothing brand!!  They launch soon, so it's a good opportunity to get in on the ground floor.  If they like final art and it does well, then there are sure to be more that they pick up! Other than that, I'm completely done with this day.
    Posted by tarradesign[/QUOTE]

    That's amazing Tarra!  Let me know if they do pick it up, because I'm totally going to buy a shirt with your art!
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  • tlc35tlc35 member
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    TK is acting wonky and I haven't been able to post from my phone.  Hopefully this will work.
    ETA - Tarra that is pretty awesome!
    I'm going to fly to see FI tomorrow.  Squee!
  • Tarra...that is awesome. You will have to let us know how to get some shirts!
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  • Congrats Tarra!

    Buzz, it was roasted chicken, which is usually awesome but I think my grumpiness might have had something to do with how unhappy I was with it.


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