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April 2014 Weddings


I want to know what your themes are. I'm planning a space geek wedding. There will be things involving such shows/ movies as; Doctor Who, Lexx, Stargate, Aliens vs Predators, and Star Wars. I'm a big lover of all things space so there will be space art, space decor and other things. I can't wait! I'm so excited! I'm also doing a DIY wedding. Most everything at the wedding will  be handmade. I am making our wedding cakes and I'm also making my own dress, as well as my daughters dress, MOH, bridesmaids and my mothers dress. The only things that I won't be making are the venues, the photography and the reception food. My family is going to be making the meals. A friend of the family has a photography business and is gracious enough to give us a slight discount of ten percent from the packages he offers. Ten percent is better than nothing, right? I cannot wait to get things going!

Re: Themes!

  • Our colors are red, black and touches of white, and we THINK our theme is Disney, but will be definite on that when we sit down with Disney in December. :D
  • I don't have theme per se, my colors are purple, gray and black!!
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    We are having a wrestling themed wedding LOL.  The tables are going to be named after our favorite wrestlers and our guest book is going to be a championship belt that we are going to have made.  My FI is a wrestler, so his ring announcer said that he would introduce us at the reception.  We are also going to have wrestling music as our entrance music LOL.
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  • @mpaone24- That is a great idea. Really unique for sure, especially since it ties your FI in with it. 
  • Thanks thegeekyduo!  It was actually my idea and he was like "are you sure" LOL.  The only other thing that we have in common and share the same interest in is movies and I feel like everyone does movie or music themed weddings, not many people do wrestling LOL.
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  • You're welcome :) 
    I think it's really sweet that you are the one to have come up with it. Shows that you love what he does because you know it makes him happy. I love that you are doing that :)
  • We've got sort of a vintage literature theme. Our colours are green and gold. Our centrepieces involve old hardcover books, and we're using scrabble letters on our STDs and in other places. We're also going vintage (think 50s) for our attire.
  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_april-2014-weddings_themes?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:61a7a4c2-b16b-4dc9-93ee-b04e4cdbdcd6Discussion:65a25e03-d484-42fc-9389-01eb819678bfPost:9c6cf53e-9079-48bd-9507-7bc4d6b3633d">Re: Themes!</a>:
    [QUOTE]We've got sort of a vintage literature theme. Our colours are green and gold. Our centrepieces involve old hardcover books, and we're using scrabble letters on our STDs and in other places. We're also going vintage (think 50s) for our attire.
    Posted by shestwentysomething[/QUOTE]

    <div>That's adorable! I'd definitely want to see pics of your wedding! :) I love vintage!</div>
  • I decided that our wedding is going to be Western themed. 
    I am thinking of having the girls wear cowgirl boots.

    My hometown is a small country town, this is where we are getting married. 
    I think western would be cute. 
    Our colors are turquoise, and a light purple. 
    Our centerpieces are mason jars and has burlap around with decorations, we will put spring flowers in them (at least thats the idea right now). 

    Can't wait. 
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  • We are doing a love song theme. Table names are love songs, we are going to have mason jars covered with sheet music with a candle inside for tables at cocktail hour. Our favors are going to be (prob) usb drives with 2 of our engagment pictures and all the  songs from the tables. We have brass horn candle stick holders for the escort card table. Our colors are a mint green and gold(champagne)
  • We dont have a theme per say but our colors are Plum,Teal(Jade still in the air lol)white and touches of silver. So it could go for Mardi Gras theme.
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  • That's great everyone :) I hope you all post pics of what you put together!
  • I knew that I wanted to have my colors as black and white with a pop of red because that is me! I would like to create a theme around those colors but still working on that.
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  • Roaring 20's / Great Gatsby type thing (it's our favorite book!) with a peacock-inspired palette (turquoise, chartreuse, purple). Excited, but also very difficult to narrow it down to specifics!
  • We don't have a theme as such, but are getting married in Vegas so whilst I'm quite liking the ivory/nude/blush colouring for my flowers, make-up and the bridesmaids I think our in-suite reception will be casino themed with lots of red, yellow and black! (Plus the room itself is decorated in red which helps...)

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  • We are having a music themed wedding with Hot Pink, Lime Green, and Black as the colors. We are decorating the hall based on the video for the song Wanted- Hunter Hayes. With the lyrics all over everything in the hall. its the song we got engaged to at his concert so kind of sweet :)

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