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Straight to sweetheart alterations

I'm having a really hard time deciding on whether I should keep my dress as a straight neckline or have it altered to sweetheart. Does anyone have any experience altering a straight neckline to a sweetheart, and any regrets/good experiences doing so? The seamstress has said it's possible, I'm just worried it will alter the look of the dress significantly.

The dress is Caldera by Blue by Enzoani - this is it on with the straight across neckline:

And this is it with me holding it into a sweetheart:

Experiences with such an alteration? Thoughts/opinions on which looks better? Thanks!

Re: Straight to sweetheart alterations

  • I think the sweetheart looks better.  I haven't had it done, but I think if the seamstress says it can be done, you should be good.  Assuming it is a reputable seamstress.
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  • Agreed - I prefer sweetheart... I think it's so flattering!
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  • Thanks ladies! I appreciate the opinions :)
  • The dress is gorgeous on you the way it is, however, the sweetheart neckline is more flattering and would add more character to the dress.   It's not an uncommon alteration, and a good seamtress in Bridal gowns can easily accomplish this for you. Congratilations & good luck
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    Totally agree, the second one looks better, I love sweetheart neckline, and change my dress into sweetheart, it turned out perfectly.
    Original dress
    After alteration

  • i love sweetheart necklines, but not on myself lol unless they are a very slight sweetheart. My dress has a straight neckline with lace along it and for me being smaller chested I think it fits/looks better this way. I actually like yours both ways so go with what you want I dont think you can go wrong either way.
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  • I bought the same dress and now have the same dilemma. Did you alter yours to a sweatheart or leave it straight.If you did alter it can you post a picture? THanks!
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