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I'm hoping to have a rustic/barn wedding anywhere between philadelphia and lancaster. Preferably with an outdoor ceremony space and an indoor reception barn? Space. Ideally I would love a place that allows outside catering. Any ideas?

Re: Barn Wedding

  • Try White Chimneys in Gap.  Beautiful garden ceremony area and recently renovated rustic barn for reception.

    Another option would be The Barn at Overlook, Lancaster.
  • Landis Valley Museum is great! 
  • Ginger Babies in York has a barn, but they do not allow outside carering.  They are not super expensive but they charge for the facility too so with our small group of 60 it was a budget killer.  It might be too far east for you anyway.

    Does it have to be a barn or just a country theme kind of place?

    We had our wedding at Enck's Banquet Center in Lancaster.  It's not a barn but its country themed, sort of.  At least the lobby is, the main room is more neutral.  I highly recomend them. you have to use their catering but they are reasonably priced and you can bring your own alcohol.

    Think about why you are wanting an outside caterer.  Is it because you think it will be cheaper?  It might not be.  We were all set to use SEI and use the Danville firehall which is actually a  decently nice hall, not as industrial as most.  This was actually our first choice venue before we found Enck's.   Check out their pictire here They were charging either 800 or 900 i dont remember.  I put a lot of time into looking for halls that allowed outside catering and this was the nicest one that also allowed alcohol.  You have to double check because some dont or they charge an extra deposit.  Also it is recomended that you get insurance if you are serving alcahol and not using a caterer.  Since we used the bartentender at Encks (but out own booze) they had insurance and we didnt have to worry about it.  Anyway when we compared the hall rental plus catering fees it was less to use the all inclusive which gave us the room free (and the cake free and a few other bonuses)
  • We are getting married at local park and doing the country themed thing at Lower Allen Community park.  You can bring in your own caterer and you are allowed alcohol as well.
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